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How EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a Free Data Recovery Service saved my life

by Felix Omondi
How EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a Free Data Recovery Service saved my life

Juggling between work and studies can be hard, you sort of have two bosses at the same time. At work, you have deadlines to meet for your clients and at school the professors require you submit your research papers in time. Doing both, I often find myself in the rush to beat the deadline, and every now and then, I am caught in the last-minute runs to completing the tasks.

I have several scary stories on last-minute runs I could share, but there’s this one in particular that topped the charts for me. I had a client deadline on Monday morning, and in the afternoon I was due to submit a research paper to my Economics professor. I switched working on one to the other from Wednesday the previous week. Working throughout the days and pushing late nights until Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, I had the client’s work and the professor’s paper at more or less 90% completion levels. I was just waiting for Sunday evening, to do my final touches and wrap-ups. So in the evening, I went for a night out with my friends, leaving my laptop with my kid brother to binge watch some stuff on the internet.

How EaseUS Data Recovery wizard saved me from a Corrupted and Formatted PC

Come Sunday morning, my laptop will not boot up. I checked on the battery, tried safe booting mode, but all in vain. So I asked my kid brother what happened last night while he was using my laptop. Long story short, he was all over the piracy sites that show you HD-Cam recorded movies and series.

He might have clicked on the wrong links and downloaded viruses into my computer. Viruses which ended up formatting my computer hard disk. And no, I had not backed up my work online while working on my report. That means, all my week’s worth of work had evaporated, and with less than 20 hours to the deadline for submission.

With my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) attitude, I borrowed a friend’s laptop and went online in search of a data recovery tool. I found a couple of promising option, but EaseUS Data Recovery wizard picked my interest. Not only was it a free data recovery service, but had positive reviews even from some of the most trusted tech news platforms such as PCWorld, c/net, Softpedia, Softonic, and TopTenREVIEWS.

I downloaded the application from its official site; and installed it on my friend’s laptop. I then unplugged my laptop’s hard disk and inserted it into an external hard disk holder. With my laptop hard disk now acting as an external hard disk, I plugged it on my friend laptop and ran the EaseUS Data Recovery wizard.

The EaseUS Data Recovery tool interface is pretty simple to use. I first selected the location to start with, which is my hard disk plugged into the laptop.easeus data recovery wizard

Then I clicked on scan for lost data, and when it was done, I preview lost files and clicked on the files I wanted to be recovered. Leaving out those I didn’t mind losing.

I was using the free version of the application, which comes with a 2GB ceiling on the amount of data you can recover. The premium version, available at $69.95 on monthly subscription, $99.95 for a yearly subscription, and $149.95 for a lifetime license has no limitation on the amount of data you can recover.easeus data recovery wizard

After I had recovered all the data from my hard disk and backed them up to the cloud. I started tinkering with the EaseUS Data Recovery tool some more. I then discovered it support data recovery on not just hard drives but also:


USB Drive Camcorder Music Player RAID
Zip Drive Hard Drive SSD Micro Card
Digital Camera Video Player CF/ SD Card Pen Drive


The application works on Windows 10 and previous version all the way back to Windows XP. It can also be used on Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and 2003. It can also recover different types of data in their various formats.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery tool I would highly recommend if you are looking to recover data on any digital data storage medium.

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