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How have Bitcoins in India Positively Transformed the Healthcare Industry?


The Healthcare industry deals with people’s healthcare services to live a happy life. According to World Health Organization (WHO) reports, India has taken over China as the most populated country, increasing healthcare infrastructure.

Healthcare is so important for the people is now slowly transformed into a more technical industry with the introduction of new technologies like the internet of things (IoT), big data analytics, wearable devices, robotic surgery, etc. The development of these technologies is further catalyzed by the widespread adoption of bitcoins in India through platforms like Zebpay.

Bitcoins in the Healthcare Industry:

The introduction of bitcoins in the healthcare industry is not something new; there are several examples where bitcoins have been used to make lives easier. One of the most prominent examples is the IT-enabled services provided by BitDOC through its network, which helps doctors access patients’ reports from anywhere at any time.

Zebpay and Bitcoins:

People’s widespread adoption of bitcoins can be understood through the increasing number of transactions done through Zebpay, India’s first bitcoin company to launch the most straightforward mobile bitcoin app. The company has a user base of 3 lac+ people with over 100000 new signups monthly, amounting to more than 1 million users across the country.

The University of California has also attempted to introduce bitcoins for its students, which can be understood from its survey done on various universities. The university asked students if they knew about bitcoins and how often they use them in this survey. Among all universities surveyed by UC Riverside (47), 43% of students had heard about bitcoins while 24% were daily users, which is high compared to other universities.

Bitcoin has been proved to be a revolutionary technology that can help people transfer money worldwide without hassle. It is also straightforward to use through simple mobile apps, making its wide adoption possible in India. Moreover, being a decentralized currency, its value always remains constant irrespective of changes in the market.

5 Ways by Which Bitcoins Positively Transform the Healthcare Industry:

1. Secure and transparent healthcare data:

One of the significant concerns about collecting and handling patients’ private data is the risk involved in the process. Also, there is a constant fear about who can access these data, which creates a sense of insecurity. According to an IDC Health Insights study, only 31% of survey respondents in India are confident in their data security.

2. Fast and Secure payments:

Bitcoins are the most widely accepted digital currency used to transfer money worldwide. Because of its decentralized nature, it ensures fast processing time with low processing fees. It also offers security for both parties involved in a transaction through bitcoins wallets to store their bitcoins and private keys.

3. Low cost, reliable, and easy to use medical devices:

There has been a rapid increase in companies manufacturing medical devices like blood glucose monitors, ECG machines, etc. These devices require frequent software updates for fixing bugs at regular intervals, which can be done through bitcoins (only if the manufacturers accept them). This will make the devices more reliable and efficient to use, which is a positive step towards improved healthcare.

4. Usage of telemedicine:

A study done by Canada-based researchers found that medical advice given through videoconferencing is equally practical as face-to-face encounters. This can be done through telemedicine, where the person can access their doctor anytime, anywhere, which has been made possible by using bitcoins (only if the telemedicine companies accept them).

5. Usage of virtual currencies like ZebpayCoins™:

ZebpayCoins™ is a virtual currency launched by Zebpay – India’s first bitcoin company. It can be exchanged for rupees anytime at zero transaction fee. This ensures that the patient doesn’t have to pay anything when they want to get prescribed medicines from outside India or from any other country in the world. To know more you can land at this trading system.


These are just a few ways in which bitcoins can transform the Indian Healthcare industry. There is a lot more that has to be done, and its high time we should start working towards bringing positive changes because we all know what we have been facing due to the negligence of our authorities in this field. We at Zebpay strongly believe that the time has come to introduce new technologies and make our lives better.

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