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How Indians Are Transforming Global Tech


Anyone who has been paying attention to global tech industry trends in recent years will be aware of the outsized role that India and the Indian community around the world plays within it. The country itself has been a global epicenter for high-tech industries such as microchip development, telecommunications, and satellite technology for decades. However, it is only in more recent years that India and Indians have made their mark on the global tech industry in a much broader and fundamental way. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how Indians are transforming and guiding global tech in 2020.

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Indian Talent Dominates Silicon Valley

The most obvious sign of India’s visibility in the West is the strong representation of Indians and second-generation Indian Americans among Silicon Valley’s CEOs, executives, founders, VCs, and entrepreneurs. There are an estimated 89,000 Indians living in Silicon Valley right now, as well as a further 86,000 in the nearby tech hubs of San Francisco and Oakland. A total of 16% of Silicon Valley startups have at least one Indian co-founder, despite this demographic only making up around 6% of the local population. The CEOs and top executives of Alphabet, Microsoft, Adobe, and Wikipedia are all Indian, which just goes to show the wealth of tech talent emanating from the country. 

Indian Tech Giants Are Going Global

While the story of Indians in Silicon Valley is fairly well-known, what is perhaps less apparent is the increasing importance of homegrown Indian tech companies on the global stage. One example is Tata Consultancy Services, which has grown over the past two decades to become one of the world’s biggest IT consulting companies, with a market cap of around $69 billion. Other examples include AccountsWorld, a leading bookkeeping software provider, the VC firm Avendus Capital, the global health-tech provider Heal, and the cloud computing giant Sourcebits. Increasingly, Indian companies are taking the lead when it comes to driving forward change and innovation in global tech.

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Indian Culture is Increasingly Represented on Tech Platforms

Another example of India’s clout within global tech is the increasing visibility of Indians and Indian culture on global tech platforms. One only needs to look at platforms such as Twitch and TikTok to see the global reach of Indian artists and content creators such as RIS3Y and Nisha Guragain. To take another example, one could look at the world of online gaming, specifically at the $51 billion online casino industry. Global platforms such as LeoVegas now include the classic Indian card game Andar Bahar among their main offerings for all of their players, even including a run-down of the rules for the uninitiated. If you’re interested in seeing exactly how Indian culture is making waves in online gaming, you can play Andar Bahar here.

Indian Consumers Are Increasingly Valued 

Finally, it’s worth noting the myriad ways in which the world’s biggest tech companies have been paying attention to the Indian consumer market. India has the highest number of smartphone users in the world after China and will have an estimated 442 million smartphone users by 2022. In addition, global tech brands such as Epic Games, Tencent, Xiaomi, Apple, and Microsoft now all count the Indian marketplace as among their most valuable, with hundreds of millions of customers and subscribers. As India’s consumer clout continues to grow, tech companies will continue to focus their energies on the country. 

These are just a few of the ways in which India and Indian people are transforming global tech. Watch this space to see how this story unfolds in the future. 

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