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How Innovative are Online Casino Apps?


In a world where six out of 7.7 billion people own smartphones, innovation is inevitable. There’s a market huge enough to consume every innovation put out there, from gaming and payments to social media and shopping.

In the online casino space, new technologies are the reason you can play slots and poker on your smartphone. What’s more, these changes have played a big part in advancing the industry.

3D Graphics and 4K Resolutions

The online casino industry has come a long way in graphics and video resolutions. Back when the iGaming industry was new, the average slot had simple, blurry graphics and 250p resolutions. You had to strain your eyes to see the images on a video screen.

Fast forward to 2022, and the graphics in modern casino games look like they were developed straight out of Hollywood. In truth, slots today are so beautiful because casinos adopt technology fast.

To be fair, not many casino apps have games with high-end graphics and resolutions. In many cases, games feature HD or full HD resolutions. If you want to play 4K or 8K slots, you’re limited to a handful of slots.

Virtual Reality

The Metaverse is taking shape. Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets are selling left, right and center. Unsurprisingly, the casino industry is investing hard into VR technology. At the best casinos, you can now play a variety of slots in VR.

In the usual style, you need decent 3D headsets for your iOS or Android device. Then you need to find a casino app with VR slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Thunderstruck II, and Jack and the Beanstalk.

In case you need assistance, you should check out the best online casino apps reviewed by TheSportsDaily, where you’ll find an extensive list of gambling apps. More importantly, you’ll learn what every app is best at.

Blockchain-based Games

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of blockchain. Or maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin—the high-flying cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology. All the same, blockchain is a decentralized, secure ledger through which developers can build all sorts of apps.

Decentralization means no one owns the technology. Instead, it’s powered by the millions of people who use it. Blockchain also stores records transparently albeit immutably. Anyone can verify the accuracy of records but they can’t make changes.

To narrow it down, online casino apps now build slots and card games build on blockchain. The main benefit is transparency—you can check whether a game is truly fair or not. Another benefit is that you can gamble privately.

Some casinos aren’t ready to give conventional games yet. So, they have a small variety of blockchain games and a large library of regular games. What’s more, they support crypto payments.

Web Apps

Many online casino apps today don’t really use traditional apps. You don’t need to install files on your smartphone to play your favorite blackjack games. Instead, you can gamble through your mobile browser thanks to web app technology.

What is a web app? It’s an application designed to run on browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. All you need is to create an account and gamble online. Some operators give you the option of installing apps. But as mentioned, it’s not really necessary.

Are web apps better than native apps? It depends. If you like to save phone storage, then you’ll love casino sites. But if you prefer to interact with apps, you might find web apps a tad inconvenient.

All the same, web apps and native apps function similarly. They share games, payment methods, interfaces and bonuses. You’re not at a loss regardless of your choice.

Mobile Games

This might sound obvious but casino apps wouldn’t exist without mobile gaming technology. Interestingly, mobile gaming came much later than other technologies in the industry. It’s only after 2015 that most casinos updated their gaming libraries.

Before then, casino apps had a small selection of games. In all fairness, mobile gaming took off with the arrival of HTML5. This programming language brought about web apps and the create of most mobile games.

In light of that information, you can play all your favorite casino games through a mobile device. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer bingo or roulette. The only exceptions are classic slots designed in the 90s and early 2000s. All new games run on mobile devices.

Live Casino Software

Casino apps are so innovative that they found a way to solve the problem of loneliness. You see, people used to avoid casino apps because they lacked the social atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos.

Thanks to live casino software, however, you can play poker, blackjack and roulette and baccarat against human opponents. The way it works, you need quick Internet and a decent camera. The casino handles the rest.

Live casinos are growing incredibly fast because of a good reason—people are social by nature. Given a choice, no one wants to play poker against bots. Instead, everyone wants to challenge themselves against real people.

Interactive Bonuses

Another way casino apps have better gaming better through innovation by gamifying their bonuses. For example, you earn automatic points every time you log into your account at some casinos.

Or you receive cash backs when you lose at slots. Bonuses also come in the form of VIP points, daily rewards and cash prizes. Then there’s the usual rewards like first deposit and second deposit bonuses.

Customer Service

Nowadays, casino players insist on live chatting. It’s the latest of many innovations gambling apps use for customer service. Basically, live chatting involves talking to a support agent in real time. It’s interactive and leads to immediate assistance.

Besides customer service, you can also interact with casinos through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, you can send an email address. That being said, innovation is just part of the process.

If hunting for an online casino, read reviews to learn from the experiences of others. In doing so, you’ll discover casinos that use innovation to truly improve the gaming experience.

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