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How Is Gambling Regulated In Australia?


Australia, according to travel magazines and enthusiasts, is a “rising casino and gambling destination.” Australians are taking a stand and visiting casinos, gaming for a chance to win money, and retaining the gambling activities that fit individual preferences. The enthusiastic acceptance of gambling activities arises from the rich gambling history the country experiences. According to Legal Gambling, an informative legal site, the industry indicates it has over 150 years since its inception in Australia. The past may be short, but the impact and significance of gambling are visible to date. When passing through the street, you will find individuals playing on select Australian casinos with the best online casino bonuses or walking into any popular destination casinos in the city.

  • History of Gambling in Australia
  • Online Gambling In Australia
  • Taxes on Winnings in Australia
  • How Is Gambling Regulated In Australia?

History of Gambling in Australia

The earliest records of gambling in Australia date back to 1810. A horse racing event took place in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia. However, the betting process was slightly different then: the average winning horse had to perform better in all their days combined! As a result, the racing event was the most difficult and with the “Worst odds.” running a two-mile race each day meant different hoses won the race. However, on average, it was challenging to range the winner and place a suitable wager. Therefore, the race went against the punter’s expectations! The lottery came second after horse racing in 1880, with the first draw occurring in Tattersall’s. During the draw, it is essential to note that gambling wasn’t a legal occupation or activity.

In the the1950s, poky machines came to be, and players could get a chance when visiting a local pub. Many indicate the 1950s as the beginning of Modern Gambling in Australia. The first casino in the country launched in the same period in 1973. However, gambling was still illegal and considered “Destructive to the society” and a “complex to control” by the ruling authorities. Today, they were opening casinos in style. A perfect example is the Wrest Point Hotel Casino launch which broadcasted the event to the entire nation.

Online Gambling in Australia

The Australian Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, is the constitutionally enshrined gambling compliance regulation that overide territorial gambling rules in Australia. The Act prohibits several things, including “Interactive Gambling,” popularly known and online gambling, advertisement of banned online gambling, and online gambling services without a proper Australian license. The Act banned a significant portion of online casino games on offer. Australians could only access Auto Racing and conduct regular sports betting activities. The gambling service providers faced more bans and restrictions in the country than the associated players.

There are no bans on players who desire to visit and play on offshore accounts while residing in Australia. However, the Interactive Gaming Act does put several restrictions on the sites, including imposing taxes on offshore sites providing services to Australian Players. Also, the government allows operators based in Australia to offer gambling services to players outside the country. However, there is a cool defence against operators who breach the interactive gaming Act. The operator has to provide an “Australian customer link” to provide proof of the customer’s residency or physical location being in the country. Many interactive gaming sites exploit this specific loophole in the provision of gaming services.

Taxes on Winnings in Australia

One area where the legislation gives way for punters to experience gambling at a higher level is the absence of taxation. The governing authorities issue the following reasons for the lack of taxes on winnings from gambling or games of chances. First, gambling isn’t a “Profession.” Professions require individuals to put effort into them. It is a long-term investment and is prone to tax deductions on income earned. The Australian government treats gambling as a “Hobby or a Recreational Activity.”

Second, Winnings are not the same as “Income.” Instead, winnings are luck-based, and results can go either way. The rationale behind it is that winnings result from “big losses.” you win big in a gambling site; you lose more while at it. Lastly, the government already imposes taxes on the gambling operator instead. Thus, the government sees no reason to tax gamblers or punters. One of the taxation laws states that “you as a punter have nothing to do with taxes on your gambling winnings, but gambling operators certainly need to think about It.” but these imposed taxes differ from one territory in Australia to another!

How Is Gambling Regulated in Australia?

Australia is a diverse country with many territories or regions. The gambling regulators come from specific areas, and each is independent of the other. Also, there is no general gambling laws or jurisdictions/ an organisation that controls the gambling industry. However, the territories abide by a Federal Level gambling statute, and others are State Level. Australia has 8 states, and thus, there are eight gambling regulatory authorities specific to each state. For instance, if you visit Tasmania, you operate under the Tasmanian Gambling Commission, but in Queensland, the responsible organisation is the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. In Victoria, it is the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation and more! Online gambling is illegal in the country. However, there are no restrictions to players who desire to play on an offshore online site. Only the operators have to face the regulatory commissions in this aspect!

At the federal level, ACMA is responsible for interactive gambling. Its major functions involve the enforcement and monitoring of online gambling regulations by controlling communications platforms, including media such as television. ACCC or the Australian Consumer Competition Commission regulates operational activities on gambling sites and other areas. It aims to protect the consumer by ensuring fair and just operations if it enforces the country’s consumer protection laws in place.


Gambling in Australia is under strict regulations. The regions have specific governing authorities that set and implement gambling laws. However, the parties have to adhere to federal gambling laws, such as compliance with ACCC and ACMA. Online gambling is still illegal, but players can still access offshore gambling sites. However, the offshore sites have to meet specific government conditions before getting a license that offers Australians a chance. Plus, Australia is still a casino-rich country with various destinations you can walk in, enjoy a beer, sleep and engage in multiple gambling activities!

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