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How Is It Possible To Track Someone’s Location By Phone Number?


My husband’s behavior for the last few months was beginning to become a serious concern for me. He stayed out till late for work. Even when we were at home together, he’d stay busy on his phone.

I was in distress and was looking for a way to find out what was going on. Around that time, I heard about mobile apps that can easily track a person’s location using their phone number. At first, I didn’t believe it. I asked myself, how could it be possible?

Then, a friend told me about Minspy and explained how to locate a phone using it. I used it myself, and it really worked. To help you choose the right app to track someone’s location, I’ll tell you all about how Minspy works.

Part 1: Is it possible to track someone’s location by phone number?

You most certainly can. With the advancement in technology, there’s little you can’t do today. And tracking location is, luckily, not one of them. In addition to location tracking, you can also peek into the person’s life by their phone number.

To read in detail about the functions and benefits of the ultimate app for tracking, you can visit the Minspy website today.

1.1 Minspy: Your Ultimate Location Tracking Solution

Minspy is the latest tracking app that allows its user to track location by using only phone number. Tracking with Minspy is completely secure, and takes place discreetly. The proof of Minspy’s reliable service is the biggest brand of the media using it.

Media houses such as TechRadar, PCMag, and CNET are highly impressed with the Minspy website and recommend it. Minspy works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices, which makes it more accessible to the users.

Minspy is a tracking application that can cater to all your tracking needs, even beyond location. Therefore, you can easily get rid of all your suspicions by using Minspy to track the actions of the people you love. Let’s look at all the features of Minspy.

1.2 The Best Features of Minspy

Minspy is called the ultimate tracking solution for a reason. The tracking app provides its users with more than 35 features to allow smooth and in-depth tracking. Here are some of the most attractive features of Minspy.

GPS Tracking Feature

You can’t possibly follow someone around all the time to keep track of their whereabouts. You can instead use Minspy to do the job for you. Minspy helps you to track the geo-location of your target person at any given time.

One-time Device Access

When you use Minspy to track a device, you will need to access the device physically only once. Once you’ve established synchronization with your target device, you can access its files anytime from any web browser.

Access to Media Files

With Minspy, you can also access all the media files on the target’s phone, such as photos, videos, and so on.

No Requirement of Root

To track a device, Minspy doesn’t need to break through the phone’s software that tampers with its security. Tracking with Minspy is, therefore, completely secure.

Access to Social Media Accounts

These days, you can tell a lot about a person by going through their social media activities. When you track a device with Minspy, you can access their social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Access to Text Messages

Minspy allows you to access the target device’s text messages as well. With Minspy, you can keep track of all the text messages sent and received on the device. In addition to that, you can also check its timestamp, to know the exact date and time of the conversations.

Additional Perks

Along with all the features mentioned above, Minspy has other advantages as well

The user interface of Minspy is designed with consideration for people with lesser technological knowledge. Minspy’s dashboard is, therefore, extremely easy-to-use.

Minspy works with perfect discretion. When you use Minspy, you never have to worry about your loved one finding out.

Minspy has a feature called Keylogger that can help you track the passwords entered on the target device. So, you will have access to all the credentials of the target user.

Minspy can also access the call log of the target device. You can find out who the target is, at what time, and how long the conversation lasts.

1.4 How to Install Minspy on a Device?

One of the best things about Minspy is its installation process. It is a simple and quick process and takes merely a few minutes to complete. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: First, you need to sign up and create your account on the website of Minspy. You also need to choose the kind of device you plan on tracking, such as Android or iOS.


Step 2:

For Android device:

You need to download a small app on the target device, which takes up only 2 MB of space. The process of installation is one-time.

For iOS:

You only need the credentials of the target iOS device. The iOS devices do not require any app to sync with Minspy.

Step 3: All you need to do is sync the target device and start tracking. Once the device is synced, you can access the Minspy dashboard from any web browser.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Minspy is the best tracking mobile app that uses the phone number to track someone’s location. Minspy is completely discreet and secure and doesn’t need to tamper with the warranty of the target device.

Moreover, it offers a wide variety of features, including location tracking, access to call logs, and text messages. Additional benefits like social media hacking and keylogger for Android make Minspy more attractive.

With the quick installation and easy-to-use interface, Minspy prides itself on offering the ultimate tracking features that you could need. When in doubt or suspicion about a loved one, clear your mind by choosing Minspy!

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