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How PewDiePie Became so Famous: Story and Reasons of the Youtuber’s Popularity

by Fahad Saleem

PewDiePie is famous for making comedy videos, most of which consists of him playing different video games in the horror genre. The YouTube channel with more than 36 million subscribers is owned by a Sweden man named Felix Kjellberg. He is a popular Let’s Play YouTuber. His channel has the video’s view of over nine billion. How did this one person become so famous and rich? Here is how PewDiePie became so famous.

First of all, he is a Swedish YouTuber which gives him the edge over other YouTubers. He has an international feel that someone from somewhere else can’t really capture. Moreover, he can fluently speak English which helps him brand himself globally. He has an accent which his followers really enjoy. PewDiePie’s web personality is extraordinarily human: he giggles, jokes, shrieks, and swears. Felix doesn’t hide his emotions and in every video, viewer get to see realemotions of him. He started as a YouTuber as someone who enjoyed playing games and filming videos without the aim for financial gain; this is how he got noticed.

Gaming is the second most popular type of content on YouTube after music. Felix Kjellberg got dropped out of college in Sweden because he chose to spend time playing games, creating videos of himself playing games along with the funny commentary of his experience, and then uploading those videos on YouTube. He continually addresses his viewers as friends. Moreover, what people really enjoy about his videos is that he makes occasional references to his real life, including his girlfriend who usually shows up in some of his videos.

In his videos, he is engaged in the gaming experience and criticizing all it can offer from graphics to plot in an entertaining way, including jokes, goofy voices, nonstop swear words, and politically incorrect comments. He took the market of gaming video commentary into entertainment. What began drawing more attention towards him was his reactions while playing horror games as no one has ever played horror games like this before.

So, there are many reasons due to which PewDiePie became so famous. His comedy is what really sold his content. Moreover, PewDiePie doesn’t only do Let’s Play, he does a range of content including playing fan-made games, playing Indie games, podcasts, Vlogs, reading comments, filming collaboration videos with his girlfriend or other YouTubers, and much more. The best thing is that his video content is always short, fresh, and new which the viewers enjoy. He does something new in each of his videos. If he didn’t do anything new, he wouldn’t have been as popular and successful as he is today. He has the skills to easily grab multiple layers of interest.

You can’t become famous on YouTube without interacting with the community. The more interactive you are; the more audience you attract. PewDiePie frequently shows his followers how much he cares about them. He uses other social media for more interaction and promotions. Lastly, he stands out in consistently uploading videos to stay relevant that is how PewDiePie became so famous.


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