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How Short-Term Loans Help You Buy a Home


I know everybody yearns for having a place to call their home. Getting a home is a very significant milestone in your life. But sometimes, getting mortgages is one thing that can put you off from the idea of having a home. However, there could be a solution. Can a short-term loan help you buy a home?

Well, I’m here to let you know how short-term loans can help you buy a home.

But first, what are short-term loans?

I mean a loan with its most significant characteristic as a short repayment period when I say short-term loans. As you all know, mortgages can take 20+ years to repay them in full eventually. However, you may not take more than three years to repay a typical short-term loan.

Now, there are types of short-term loans that can help you to buy your home. So let’s get right into it.

1.    Bridging short-term loan

As much as this loan can be short-term, it would help if you had a current home. So, if you need a new house, you will sell it, and you get a bridging loan. However, you may need to get a bigger house before your family outgrows your current home.

The lender only gives you the difference between the price you sold your house and the price of the new house. And that means that the lender will be present during the saying of your old home.

You can repay the bridge loan within three years. With a bridging loan, it will not take many years to repay the loan, and in that manner, they are short-term.

2.    An interest-only mortgage

Maybe you could be having some money stuck in an investment. But, remember, with assets, you usually know when you will get your returns. And instead of waiting that long to buy your home, there is something you can do to get your brand new home.

What you do, you can get an interest-only mortgage. With this kind of short-term loan, you pay only the interests. For the loan amount, you will pay later at the end of the loan term.

With this arrangement, you will feel as you are paying a short-term loan. However, remember that a short-term loan can also mean a loan that you pay a small amount for each installment.

However, for this plan to succeed, your mortgage lender will need to see some tangible proof that you are not playing them. Otherwise, getting out of that trap will be tricky if you don’t get the returns you expect from your property.  The lender might even charge you as you’ve never rapid the loan at all.

3.    Mortgage refinance

Once you refinance your mortgage loan, you will end up paying it faster than the standard 15-20 years. In addition, you will get a lower interest loan. And that way, you will eventually own a home through a short-term loan.

However, you can only get a refinance if you get cheaper options. Otherwise, it will not be a good idea to refinance using an expensive loan.

4.    A short-term mortgage loan

Yes, you can arrange for your lender to repay your mortgage in not more than ten years. If a mortgage takes less than ten years, it becomes a short-term mortgage loan. Payday Loans at term might be longer than a typical one that goes for not more than three years.

But due to the total amount of cash associated with mortgages, ten years will be short-term loan repayment. However, as you might have guessed, the monthly installments will be very, very high. But the good thing is that you will pay lower interest compared to paying for 25 years.

So before you opt to get a short-term mortgage, you better be sure that you can afford the installments. But you will own your home sooner than those who are paying from 15-30 years. First, however, ensure that your family will not starve during your mortgage repayment.

5.    Pay a deposit fee

Suppose you had some savings in your account, and you need to buy a home. Then, you can head to your mortgage lender and talk to them. If you pay a massive downpayment, you might be able to pay the remaining loan for a shorter period.

In addition, the interest rate could turn out to be cheaper than getting a loan to repay in 30 years. But if you don’t have savings, then this plan will not work for you.

Bottom line

All said, getting a home is something that is in the mind of almost everyone. But getting a typical short-term loan will not help you get home. However, if you try the short-term methods mentioned above, you may repay your loan faster.

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