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How Staffing Recruiting Agencies Reduce Unemployment


With the rate of unemployment hitting an all-time high of 14.70% in April, 2020, there has been no desperate period for job employment than now. In Dallas alone, the unemployment rate has risen to 12.80% on April 20, 2020, compared to 3.10% last year. Most people find it difficult to get hired, even as companies deal with economic crises and the ever-raging novel pandemic.

To many Americans, the hope of getting good jobs seems to be a far-fetched notion, nothing but a fool’s dream. However, for every problem, there is a solution. Individuals in need of jobs can take advantage of the services staffing agencies provide. How can I go about that? Let’s find out more.

Staffing Agencies And What They Do

Staffing agencies are organizations that comprises professional recruiters who hire job applicants as employees for employers seeking to fill various organizational positions. They help candidates get the right jobs. These organizations help candidates occupy positions ranging from temporary to full-time, and can help those in new industries get the appropriate levels of experience and try out new positions before engaging them fully. There are so many reputable staffing agencies job seekers can contact for various job offers, one of which includes Luxor Staffing Recruitment Agency.

Staffing Recruitment Agency Process

If you ever wondered how a staffing recruitment agency help employers get employees to fill in positions, here is a process to know:

1. Employers Contact Staffing Agency

Most companies no longer hire employees directly, due to the workload it entails. They hire the job to a third-party recruitment body that will handle their recruitment process, depending on the level of access given. The employer specifies the employment details which include the following:

Job requirements

The number of employees the company needs

The payment rate

And the work schedule

Based on the information given, the staffing agency creates job descriptions and advertises them on various media outlets, including social media.

2. Job Candidates Apply

Recruitment agencies paste job offers on their websites and other recruitment platforms through which job candidates can send in their applications. Recruiters meet with these candidates to further review their skills and background.

Applicants can register with the recruiters who will oversee the recruitment and hiring process.

3. Job Candidates Apply

Recruiting agencies schedule an interview with selected applicants. During this phase, employers can also get involved, depending on the position applied for. Recruiters forward the list of candidates to the employer who will hire successful individuals.

4. Contracts And Pay

Employers do not have to worry about much paperwork, as the staffing recruiting agency is in charge. The agency handles the candidates’ contracts, employment taxes, payroll, social security, and termination – just to mention a few. In the case of temporary positions, recruiting agencies pay employees directly. Once the company hires the employee and vet their performance on the job, they take over the payroll.

Factors To Note Before Working With A Recruiting Agency

If you wish to get hired by a staffing recruiting agency, then here are some points to take home:

Select an ideal recruiting agency

Display professionalism throughout the application process

Stay open to other offers the agency has for you

Be honest about your details supplied

Increase your options of securing a job

Enhance your skills and knowledge

Do not be scared to explain your needs in clear terms

By sticking to these rules, you will have a higher chance of securing a job. It is time to stop wishing and start acting.

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