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How Tech has Affected the Sports Betting Sector


Over the past decade, technology has transformed human life beyond belief. Now, you can arrange an Uber ride within seconds, order your groceries over the internet, and even have one of your tweets reach a million different people – all through the power of your smartphone.

Of course, tech has naturally become a part of the sports world, too. In fact, sports simply wouldn’t be as advanced and accessible as they are today without smart tech – it’s indisputable.

With that said, let’s look at exactly how tech is helping people enjoy sports more.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin is a new technology emerging in various industries; however, it’s starting to play a role within spots in various ways. Within European soccer, more and more clubs and teams are being sponsored by bitcoin wallet providers, not to mention that many soccer players, both current and from the past, are getting involved with NFTs and encouraging their followers to get involved.

However, bitcoin’s biggest involvement with sports is how it’s affected the sports betting sector. These days, many of the  Top Online Sportsbooks now offer their players the ability to bet via bitcoin. Giving users another payment option creates more accessibility and is helping to legitimize bitcoin within the mainstream.

4K Cameras

4K cameras are now a huge part of modern-day sport.

From the NBA to the Premier League, nearly all major broadcasters are able to provide consumers with 4K coverage. However, if you want to experience the action in 4K, you will need a 4K television or display.

In LaLiga, which is the biggest football league in Spain, they are currently using realistic image quality cameras that make it feel like you’re actually in the stadium. The rig consists of a Sony A7S II camera with a 35mm sensor; which is the reason why this effect is able to be created.

More AI Decisions

Over the past 50 years, there have been some incredibly controversial moments in sport due to human mistakes via referees.

Fortunately, these mistakes are now being cut out due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been introduced to a lot of major sports.

For example, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) tech is now a major part of most soccer leagues. VAR enables referees to consult video camera footage that allows them to check minor details, such as close offside calls, to then make more informed decisions.

Wearable Tracking Tech

When you watch a live broadcast of any major sport, you will notice that you often get provided with in-game stats by the commentators, such as how much distance a specific player has covered. This is largely possible due to the wearable tech that players equip themselves with.

Play Analysis

Modern tech has also transformed play analysis.

When professionals in studios are talking about the action that’s taken place, many of them are now provided with monitors and tablets that enable them to highlight players, move them around, and provide a more physics-based discussion of what’s taken place on the pitch.

This is great, as it allows fans at home to become more knowledgeable about the sports they love.

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