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How Tech-Heads can Keep Healthy and Schedule the Day When Working from Home


The outbreak of the pandemic and the lockdowns have meant many of us have had to adjust to working from home, with many individuals having never done so before 2020. For tech-heads, working from home can seem like paradise and an easy adaptation to make. With remote working, as long as you have your computer or device, you can pretty much work from anywhere.

However, working from home and not socializing or meeting other people as you would do daily in a traditional workplace environment can have negative consequences on your health. The feeling of isolation that can come when tech-heads are working from home can be a catalyst for the breakdown of your friendships and relationships if you fail to maintain them and stay in good communication with others. The isolation of working from home can sometimes lead to depression and mental health issues.

Scheduling your day and planning activities and tasks is key to providing your working day with structure and keeping yourself positive and occupied.

We have come up with a guide to how tech-heads can plan their day when working from home and ensure they stay healthy.

How to Organise Your Day for Those Working in Jobs in Industries Which Are 24/7

Some people have the difficulty of doing a job from home which is international, meaning they have to communicate with colleagues working in completely different time zones to theirs. For people working in such a way, planning your day properly and mapping out the hours you are prepared to work is paramount to making things run smoothly. You must avoid burnout and communicate with your employer if you feel your health or wellbeing is beginning to deteriorate at any stage.

How Traders Working in Global Markets Open Round the Clock Can Schedule Their Working Day

Forex traders will know only too well that the working hours are unlimited Monday-Friday as forex markets are open 24 hours round the clock. Except weekends, forex markets only close on major holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Easter. To learn more about trading hours in Forex, check out RoboForex. Forex traders must schedule their working day carefully so they can stay in line with different time zones for currencies across the world. If you live in Boston and are trading with the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, you may want to work in line with Tokyo time and when the market is the most active.

When working from home Forex traders must make sure they stay sane, healthy, and able to follow and react quickly to developments across international time zones. 

How to Plan Your Working Hours and When You Take Breaks During the Day

Planning when you start, and finish work is important to organising your day around those hours. Make sure before you start work that you’re freshly washed and showered, have some breakfast inside you, and your body and mind are ready for work.

Be clear about when you will stop working and take breaks during the day. Your mind cannot focus and concentrate 100% for hours on end, you will need a break. You must be clear and communicate with your manager when your lunch break is for example.

Working from home can go swimmingly and be rewarding. But tech-heads should stay alert, plan their days and take proper breaks. Walk the dog, go to the local shop, go out for a run, chat to a friend over the phone, whatever helps to give you a brief rest bite from your screen and gets you out.

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