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How Technologies intertwined with the Furniture Design can make your Life Easier

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Not a single sphere of human activity stands still. Science, art, medicine, cooking are developing. And of course, the modern world cannot be imagined without the rapid development of the design industry. After all, today’s consumer is spoiled by the abundance of information about everything new, beautiful, and ergonomic that the Internet provides. Naturally, since high technologies are confidently being introduced in all other directions, then there will be a place for them in interior design. Just take a look at the last several collections at New York Furniture Outlets and you will see for yourself. Progressive specialists find the most non-standard applications for devices and materials that have long been known or completely unknown to mankind. If you decide to change the design of your apartment, why not start by installing some kind of smart panel, home appliances with remote control, touch-sensitive lights or other high-tech objects.

After reading this article, you will understand: all of the above is the last century in comparison with the discoveries that humanity has already made. We offer you a selection of the most amazing, futuristic, and useful modern technologies in interior design.

Fill tops and other synthetic resin applications

If you haven’t seen the detailed DIY epoxy table yet, immediately open the first YouTube video you see. You can always watch how a cross-section of a tree trunk or a half-decayed board turns into a real work of art. It seems that composite furniture made of textured wood and glossy space material will never go out of style. And we can enjoy such masterpieces thanks to the synthesis of various polymers called synthetic resins. This group includes popular epoxy and polyester resins, which are used to make not only furniture but also decor items, dishes, jewelry, guitar decks, knife handles, and much more.

Northern motives

Minimalism, love for environmentally friendly materials, and straight lines are not the only advantages of the Scandinavian direction in interior design. It is amazing how organically adherents of this style manage to combine high technology with primitive structures and objects. Today it is possible to make a laptop case from solid wood. Or set up the control of the smart home system by touching the stones that decorate the walls. Looking at all this, you feel like an arthouse hero who has fallen into a parallel reality.

Smart glass

Surely in movies, you have seen more than once how a criminal is watched through a screen that is permeable only from one side. Such materials do exist and for a long time. Only now they got into the world of design. Smart glass can work in two modes: matte screen and transparent sunscreen film. Each of these modes is a miracle in itself. After all, the matte surface is absolutely opaque, while the sun-protection film only transmits the waves of the visible spectrum (ultraviolet does not pass, thanks to which the room does not heat up, and the eyes do not hurt). But thanks to the layered structure, a special polymer with a variable structure, and an electric current, when voltage is applied, one miracle instantly replaces another. This allows you to abandon curtains, screens, total enclosure by walls.

Another amazing property of carbon

Carbon is undeniably one of the most amazing chemical elements. There are carbon atoms in the cells of every living organism. The presence of carbon bonds distinguishes organic from inorganic substances. It is thanks to this element that the combustion reaction occurs. Pencil lead has been the most popular writing and drawing material for over two hundred years. Finally, by slightly changing the spatial structure, the same pencil lead turns into the hardest material in the investigated Universe – diamond. Who would have thought that this magical atom would have another surprise in the form of carbon fiber? Due to their complex configuration, orientation, and interweaving, carbon threads form such a strong material that today they are used to make sportswear, weapon elements, various ammunition, and even automobile airless tires. It is not surprising that over time, they thought of creating furniture from carbon fiber, which is not inferior in strength to iron and wood, but at the same time weighs dozens of times less and can be recycled if necessary.

Carbon fiber. This material came to interior and object design from the aviation and automotive industries. Ultra-lightweight, super-tough and mega-rugged – this set of specifications gave designers new possibilities. And together with its high resistance to thermal and climatic influences, the material opened a new era of innovative solutions.

One of the most successful carbon fiber projects is the Carbon Chair by Berthian Pot and Marcel Wanders. The back and seat are hand-woven, and the frame is made of epoxy resin. Spiral staircases from Andrew McConnell and Disguincio & Co are another fresh carbon fiber concept. And who said that a staircase is just a functional element in the house. We are ready to contemplate an unusual piece and be surprised at the boundless imagination of the designer.

New heating ways

At one point, European engineers and designers thought: why do skirting boards still perform only one function? And they created hollow flat boxes in which heating circuits and controllers with a thermostat are installed. Such designs have advantages over both standard radiators and underfloor heating. In comparison with batteries, skirting boards take up less space, do not collect dust, do not dry out the air and evenly warm up the premises. In comparison with a warm floor, they are easy to install and repair if necessary.

New and new polymers

Acrylic and methacrylic are materials from the same group of polymeric compounds. In their primary form, they are similar both in appearance and in most of their characteristics. However, substances are very different when viewed in detail. Acrylic or organic glass is a popular, well-known substitute for silicate glass. It was synthesized in the first half of the 20th century, so by the end of the century everyone had already gotten tired of it. Fortunately, renowned designer Zaha Hadid decided to take a fresh look at the material and began to experiment. The result of the work was a table in the form of water of unimaginable beauty. Literally!

As for methacryl, this substance has even more amazing properties. For example, the polymer can change the length of the light waves passing through it, which results in a subdued shade. Methacryl is used more and more often – mainly in the field of lighting equipment, in the production of lamps to create a romantic atmosphere, meditation, and sleep.


It is not known why this material was named after a Trojan soothsayer with a very sad fate. At least, we do not trace the connection between the hero of many Greek tragedies and the revolutionary textile fabric from the future. It is difficult to describe the effect that Laokoon produces, consisting of many connected segments, like chain mail. Therefore, we advise you to evaluate the decorative characteristics of the material by checking a few available YouTube videos.

Help in saving space

Transformers are now loved not only by children, but also by adults! And all because modern transforming furniture saves tens of square meters indoors. It’s nice that manufacturers take care of all the rooms, so engineers create folding beds with various mechanisms, shape-changing kitchen sets and 2-in-1 upholstered furniture. Acquiring such home furnishings is a unique and exciting experience. And a real salvation for those who live in small one-room apartments.

Innovative materials

In search of new shapes, colors, textures, designers find truly unusual solutions that delight us, surprise us, and sometimes lead us into a shock. Sometimes we don’t even know that this or that material can turn into a futuristic table or an original lamp. But how good it is that there are real experimenters in the world – they give us a chance to touch art and new technologies.

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