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How Technology has Revolutionized Investing


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Modern investors have access to advanced trading tools, high-tech platforms and endless information on different strategies and trends. But things were not always as easy and information was not always as accessible. Pre-digital age, investors were essentially on their own and had to work much harder to make a return on their capital. Here we are going to take a look at some of the key technologies that have changed investing forever.

Real Estate

Buying a property, regardless of its size, is a pretty big investment. Before the internet, homebuyers had to rely on realtors for information and market guidance. Now, with the mainstream use of real estate portals, homebuyers and investors have access to a wider market and all the info they need to improve buying decisions.

With a touch of a button, you can research properties, seek out prospective locations, compare prices, and find funding. You can also learn about the tax benefits of real estate investing and research ways of getting involved in the market if you don’t have the capital to buy a whole property. Buying shares in a number of properties is just one option that you can explore. The digital age and rapid advancements in portals websites really have revolutionized the world of real estate.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is a process used to execute orders utilizing automated and pre-programmed trading commands. These commands are programmed to cater for different variables such as volume, price and timing.

This one development has changed the way people interact with the stock market and many traders rely on it solely when it comes to making an ROI. You don’t have to sit at a desk for hours pondering over your next move like traders did long ago. Now, with the use of advanced algorithms and powerful platforms, you can make orders faster and with less bias than humans are able to.

Social Media

Social media has given investors a digital space to perform sentiment analysis and discuss the impact that current affairs have on global markets. It’s a place to connect, share strategies, and keep abreast of major events. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Stocktwits are among the most popular platforms.


Regulating and managing the financial markets would not be possible without the collection, analysis and recording of data on a huge scale. Big data is the backbone of predictive analytics, fraud prevention, portfolio management, and market sentiment. Data is used by everyone from big banks and portfolio managers to investment companies, individuals, governments, and regulators.

Personal Finance Apps

Buying property and trading stocks were not always options that were open to the average person with no experience. The majority didn’t know how to budget properly, which led to most not having the capital to even think about investing. The mainstream adoption of personal finance apps has changed all of that and opened up the markets to a whole new demographic.

Almost everyone, regardless of income, experience and occupation, now has the ability to track their income and expenses. We all have the ability to budget effectively and boost income by making valuable investments with the money we have left over. And all of this is made possible with a smartphone and an internet connection. That is the true magic of technology.

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