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How Technology is Shaping the Online Casino Industry


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The use of technology has increased the growth of the online casino industry. Technology has changed the way we see and play gambling any casino online. Smartphone technologies have made gambling accessible and engaging. Now players can play all kinds of online games at the palm of their hands. They have also made online games captivating with the use of soundtracks, 3D imagery, motion picture graphics etc. The player feels like playing at an actual casino. There are sites that offer such experiences. For e.g. a user can play live roulette with an actual dealer, roulette table, and can also connect with different players. There are some technological trends that are being adopted in the online gambling space.

Use of wearables

Wearables are said to replace smartphones very soon. People can check blood pressure on smartwatches. Similarly, online gaming operators have combined the games with wearable devices to provide an integrated and immersive gaming experience. Players can avail of games without having to take out their smartphones.

Virtual Reality

Already, there are gaming sites that are experimenting with different forms of virtual reality. There has been a surge in the demand for virtual reality headsets. Players want to experience immersive gaming sessions  especially for games like poker and Blackjack. To bridge this gap, many gambling sites are upgrading their software that can support virtual reality headsets. It proves to be a good alternative source of options for players who do not have the time to pay a visit to the betting houses. Virtual reality is keen on delivering an interactive experience to the players.

Live dealers

Live dealers are making the game more fun and engaging with the players. Players can interact with human dealers and some of them can have live chat sessions with them. The dealers know how to deal with cards and are genuine and authentic people. With the addition of live dealers, many gambling sites want to replicate an actual casino gambling environment for the players. Live dealer options are available for Poker and Blackjack. Players can reach out to the live dealers through desktops or smart devices.

Blockchain technology

Players are primarily concerned with the safety and security of their private and financial details. Even though the use of cryptocurrencies is very new, many gambling sites are integrating blockchain technology into their software. Blockchain technology guarantees the anonymity of players’ details and financial transactions. The data is protected from vicious cyber-attacks and hackers. It has made the game more transparent and accountable to the players. The Malta Gaming Authority has issued guidelines for introducing more cryptocurrency oriented games to increase the trust and credibility of the gambling sites. It has also proposed methods of building cryptocurrency payment systems.

Use of business analytics

Data mining is a popular source for generating information about consumer behaviour in general. Many big companies capitalise on this resource to study the behavioural pattern of consumers and track their usage behaviour and purchasing trends. Gambling sites are following suit. They are using data modelling and analytics to track the gambling behaviour of their players. They are analysing their interests, choices of the games, traffic to the websites, behavioural changes etc. Through the feedback process, they can make improvements in their existing gaming system. Data mining helps to gambling sites to provide a satisfactory gaming experience to the players and build long-term trust with the gamers.

Fascination towards 3D animation

Games like Poker and Blackjack have already started using 3D animation. They help in building a cinematic universe for the players. It has given birth to many story-telling based casino games. 3D animation has created room for endless opportunities and possibilities for the gambling industry.

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