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How the Evolution of Apps has Changed Our Lives?


Did you know that apps have been in our lives since 2008? It almost doesn’t seem easy to remember a time when you didn’t reach for your mobile and use an app. The development of apps is a long history where some industries moved fast while others took their time but in order to compete in the marketplace in pretty much any sector these days, an app is almost a given. We have become a global population that relies on apps to do everything, so just how has the evolution of apps changed our lives?

The App Stores

There are two leading app stores across the world, those for users of Android phones hosted by Google, and those for iOS users the proprietary operating system for Apple iPhones. When Apple first launched its App Store, there were just 552 apps on offer, and 135 of these were offered free. iPhone users were keen to investigate this new phenomenon, and in one week, there were over 10,000,000 downloads made by individual users. Of course, there are now literally millions of apps available across the two stores. As people began to realize what the capabilities were, almost every aspect of our lives changed with the new slogan ‘there’s an app for that’ becoming increasingly popular.

Apps for Work

Mobile working and remote working have certainly become buzz words this year but have been popular for at least the last decade. The ability to work wherever you happen to be and not be tied to an office has revolutionized many industries and job roles. This has led to a rise in productivity apps with all sorts of project management, To-Do List, and other critical office-based tasks being sent to apps. Apps can be accessed by any users with password security, meaning whole teams can work collaboratively no matter where they are in the world. This has been particularly useful during the global pandemic, and it looks like home working is set to continue for many of us.

Social Media

Some of the most popular apps are those that increase our capacity for social media access. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more enable us to stay in touch and have a social presence which has become so important in this day and age the old fashioned landline has died a death and even mobile calling is less prevalent now that people can text and instant message each other or take advantage of video calling in order to be able to see the person you are talking to. For many people, the day starts by reaching for their mobile to check their social channels, pop over and have a look at emails, and all before getting out of bed.

Mobile Gaming

Apps now offer users access to a wide range of gaming from video games for free to online casinos for gambling. There doesn’t seem to be anything we cannot access via app. It is an easy way for developers to showcase their latest creations, and games range from totally free to pay for in-app and everything in between. Not that long ago, the average waiting room would be full of people staring into space or reading out of date magazines long cast off by other people. Now if you head into a waiting room, everybody has their mobile in their hand, and there are plenty of basic games that can be accessed for no cost to pass the time when you are waiting around.

Financial Apps

Another thing that has revolutionized how we manage our lives is financial apps. All banks have instant access to your accounts now, via enhanced security methods. Visiting a bank is almost becoming a thing of the past. You can manage everything about your account, including paying in cheques using your app. Of course, there are also apps that enable you to pay for goods and services, both online and in person. Apple Pay is a safer method than contactless cards because you have to use facial recognition or security codes to authorize the transaction. Many people like the freedom of not having to carry cash or cards with them but simply paying on their phone. Online wallets like PayPal also revolutionized the way we shop, and of course, shopping itself is a vast app arena.

App Shopping

In the age of instant gratification app shopping has become a hit. Every major retailer has an app, and most offer home delivery and online payment. From Amazon to eBay, and every supermarket it is almost becoming a reality for people to be able to access every single service they require from the comfort of their sofa and have it delivered directly to their front door. Of course, this has come into its own during the global pandemic and meant that people can more easily comply with the rules of isolation and shielding without massive disruption so in that respect apps have revolutionized our life for the better.

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