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How to activate the new Read Later and Reader Mode on Chrome version 86

by Felix Omondi

Just like Google is synonymous with the internet, for many internet users outside of China, Chrome is synonymous with browser. That is why when Google services are down (Google Search, Gmail, YouTube), most people will think there is no internet connection. Since indeed, remains the gateway to the internet for the majority of people around the world.

In the same spirit, so is the Chrome browser. Indeed the browser is among the first downloads people will make on their brand new computer. If on a Windows PC, users will use IE (or now Edge browser) to download Chrome and never ‘not use’ the browser ever again. The same thing can be said about macOS computers.

The new Read Later on Chrome 86

Google does a mighty good job of updating its browser frequently. If you have a reliable internet connection, then you can be sure to have your Chrome browser updated at least twice per week.

Speaking of which, the latest update – version 86 – came with some rather interesting updates. The latest Chrome update has something new that very much resembles Pocket in the Firefox browser.

The new feature – Read Later – allows you to save a tab for later reading. However, for some reason, Google has not enabled this feature by default. So you will need to work to do a bit of work with the flags to enable it. Simply follow the steps below:

Launch Chrome browser, making sure you are running the latest version

On the address bar, type in chrome://flags/#read-later

Click the drop-down menu and select Enable

Now relaunch your browser.

How to save an article on Chrome Read Later

Having followed the steps above successfully, you can now save articles for later reading by right-clicking the tab of the article opened in your browser and selecting the Read Later option. Doing that will close the tab but add a link to the article in a new folder in your bookmark called Reading List.

How to enable Reader Mode on Chrome

The new Chrome v.86 also comes with a hidden Reader Mode, which you can enable by typing in the following flags: chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode.

This will allow you to read articles without a lot of distractions: simply texts, images, and videos related to the article.

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