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How To Add ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ Button in Your Website or Blog

by Fahad Saleem

How To Add ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ Button in Your Website or Blog

By now, you must have heard about Meerkat, the famous live streaming app for iOS which lets you live stream anything from your phone to Twitter. The app developed by a team led by Ben Rubin raised $14 million in a blink of an eye and got millions of downloads just in weeks after getting launched in March. The Android version of Meerkat is in development and likely to come by summer. The app has just launched a much-needed ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ option which you can add in your website. This is going to be really handy as Meerkat is actually going to stick around now and you could easily stream anything interesting around you to your fans. Embedding ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ in your websites posts could increase the traffic and traction on your website.

The best part is that adding the ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ is as easy is pie. No coding, no technical stuff, just copy and paste and done. Here’s you do add Follow me on Meerkat button in your website.

Go to the social plugins page of Meerkat

Under ‘Paste This’ tab, copy the code and paste it in the CSS template of your website. OR, you could also paste it in the footnotes of your blog.

meerkat 1

That’s it! You will see a cute little Meerkat icon in your website, just like this.

meerkat 2

source: TheNextWeb

Whenever a visitor clicks this button, he/she will start following your on Meerkat, given that the user is logged in on his Twitter account as well, because Twitter and Meerkat work in a coupled way.

So this was how you could Add ‘Follow me on Meerkat’ Button in your website or blog. You can spice up your website and share interesting live streams via Meerkat. Enjoy!

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