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How to add World Cup 2018 Fixture timetable to your Google Calendar

by Felix Omondi
world cup 2018

It is only hours to the kick off World Cup 2018, and the host Russia will be squaring it off in the pitch with Saudi Arabia.

This might come as a surprise to avid soccer fans, whose world right now revolve around World Cup. There are people out there who are thrilled about watching the game but due to work or other life’s responsibilities. They don’t have the dates and time of the various matches on their fingertips.

If you are one such person, then read ahead for pro tips on how to add the World Cup 2018 fixtures timetable to your Google Calendar. That way, you will never miss a match as your phone calendar will have all the information displayed there. Thereby minimizing the chances of you missing the match.

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Add World Cup 2018 Fixture to Google Calendar

Go to the web app of the Google Calendar >> <<. Then go to Settings by clicking the cog-wheel button on the top right corner of the cup 2018 2

On the left panel, click on Add Calendar and then click on Browse calendars of interest.

world cup 2018 2On the right panel, click on Sports > Soccer and then scroll down to World Cup. You can now select the team(s) which you would like their match date added to your Google cup 2018 2

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