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How to Adjust, Set Margins While Printing PDF Documents

by Fahad Saleem

Printing documents is pretty easy, but if your printer isn’t printing words and content correctly according to the margins, things could become a nuisance. Especially, if you are printing a PDF, it’s very difficult to find out ways to adjust margins. If you want to adjust or correct margins while printing a PDF file on your printer, follow the methods below.

Adjust, Set Margins While Printing PDF Documents

1.In order to reduce margins while printing a PDF document, set scaling to 110% and then print the PDF. You could select single or double paged PDF, that doesn’t matter.  Using scaling, you can increase or decrease margins proportionally without disturbing margins from one side.

2. Briss is one of the best software to crop PDF. You won’t need to adjust margins when your crop PDFs according to the sizes of your own choice. You could crop PDFs using an online pdf tool and then print cropped documents separately. Briss is free to use, and you can download it from this link. One more thing, PDF has become the industry standard for storing documents. The file format is trusted and reliable so much so that individuals are considering it for other file types.

3.If you want to print your PDF without any margins, just open the PDF file and go to the “File” menu and click “Print” to open the Print dialog box. Now select your printer from the “Printer” menu and click on “Actual size” under “Size Options.” Now click on “Page Setup”. You will see the Margins section here. Set the margins to 0.

4.There is a built-in option in Adobe Acrobat using which you can adjust margins while printing a PDF document. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat. Click on the “Document” option and then click on “Crop Pages.” Now click “Set to Zero”. Now click Save to save the settings.

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