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How to Align Your Company’s Strategy to a Customer-First Approach


As the leader of your company, you probably are aware of the significance of prioritizing your customer. You have heard the mantra “The customer is always right” like a hundred times, and you know it is crucial for your success, but still – do you know how to execute it? Words without applying the best practices are meaningless.

You might be providing excellent products and services, but in the highly competitive present market, it may be not enough to make it possible for you to gain many clients. Nevertheless, you must be careful with that because it happens that when a business tries to adopt a customer-centric culture, they are harming the working conditions of their employees and they lose their staff. In order to help you in that, we have prepared a list of steps you can take to increase customer satisfaction without harming your organization. Let’s check them out!

Get a Virtual Receptionist

Customer support is vital nowadays because people are often in a rush and tend to get angry very fast if they are not provided with enough attention as quickly as possible. If you frequently struggle with this problem in your company, it is worth learning what is a virtual receptionist, and applying such a solution! Basically, it is the same function as your in-house receptionist has, but working remotely. After all, phone calls can be answered from any location! Thanks to such an outsourcing service, the customer experience will be improved because you will be able to customize the working hours – some virtual receptionists can also work in the afternoons and evenings or even weekends. People trying to contact your business will be able to get what they need without getting on hold, which can be very time-consuming and annoying.

Know Your Audience

If you want to be focused on the customer, you must know who they are. It is impossible to apply an efficient customer-first strategy without a deep understanding of your target audience and the way your business can enhance their buying experience.

To find out how to create better products or more effective marketing materials, you need to analyze customer data and sales metrics. Keep in mind to follow the data on, for example, demographics, values, attitudes, social media interactions, and purchasing behaviors. There are many useful online marketing tools that will help you in that, such as Google Analytics.

Set a Customer-Centric Approach in Every Team

In many companies, only customer service specialists are responsible for familiarizing themselves with customer feedback and adapting the business strategy to their satisfaction. However, becoming a customer-first organization requires setting such an approach in every team.

For instance, it is also crucial for the product team to understand what the customer needs are so that they know what features to focus on. Surprisingly enough, even human resources are significant for adopting a customer-first strategy because they should ensure every employee is satisfied with their work. Happier employees work better and can have more satisfying results, making the customers more content as well, so it is a vital contribution.

Facilitate Direct Interactions with Customers

One of the crucial aspects of customer-centricity is also facilitating ways to interact with them directly, even when it comes to “back office” positions. Every employee contributes to a customer-success outcome, so interactions with customers of all of your staff should be as easy as possible.

In numerous companies, most of the employees do not experience direct customer-facing situations. However, the leaders can still facilitate this process by letting them observe the audience data, the sales and support calls, co-creation labs, customer visits, and ride-alongs, etc. What is more, all the teams should take part in customer-centric events, such as industry conferences or advisory board meetings.

Make Your Customer-First Strategy Visible Everywhere

Even though your visions and aims may be excellent, they will not provide you with any customer success if you are the only person familiar with them. Hence, you should make this attitude the very fabric of how your business is conducted and practiced. To make it more visible, you can, for instance, develop a marketing slogan that corresponds to your customer-first strategy, print it, and plaster it on the walls of your office. Let your ideas be known and understood!

People often tend to understand and memorize things better if they hear or see them many times, so repeating your ideas associated with focusing on customers and their needs on every suitable occasion might be a good idea as well. Bear in mind that you should not expect your employees to internalize your customer-centric concepts after just one discussion. A vision can only be turned into reality if everyone in your company understands and believes in them, and knows what to do to improve the product, the customer service, etc. to achieve that aim.


Take into consideration that customers are very picky nowadays because they have a wide choice of companies to select from. If they do not like something about your service, they will turn to a competitive one in no time. For this reason, you should do your best to meet all of their needs and improve the customer experience. First, you ought to know who you are addressing and analyze all the data on your customers that are available for your business.

Apart from that, you need to develop a clear strategy and a slogan, and make it well-known to all of the teams, no matter if they work in product development, marketing, sales, or human resources. If your employees have direct contact with customers, make it the easiest possible, and if not, let them at least be good observers whenever possible. Also, to make your vision even clearer, you should repeat it often and make it noticeable even on your premises. Good luck with increasing the number of your customers!

Paulina Dolatowska

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