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How To Back Up Your Keys Digitally Using The KeyMe Locksmith App

by Felix Omondi
How To Back Up Your Keys Digitally Using The KeyMe Locksmith App

If there is one thing for sure, it is that nothing is ever for sure. That is why cautious people always have a fallback plan in case things go south. You back up your computer in case the systems fails to function, you back up your office work files in case the physical documents ever get spoiled, stolen or lost. In essence, backups are our insurance or rather assurance plan in case something awful happens down the road.

However, I bet you have never thought of backing up your home, office, car, and drawers’ keys digitally. Well, there is now an app for that. KeyMe is an app that allows you to take a snapshot of your key and save it in the cloud. If or when you lose your key, you simply download a copy of your digital key, mail it to a locksmith who then creates a physical copy of that key.

It even gets better than that. Do you remember those occasions you were away from your home and needed a neighbor, friend or family member to get or do something inside your house? But you forgot to leave them a key to enable them access your house? With KeyMe, you can just email them a digital copy of your key, and they will have it created by a locksmith. Problem solved!

How KeyMe Works

You can create a digital keychain by placing the key you would like to back up on a blank sheet of paper. Using your smartphone camera, take a picture of the key from both two sides. The KeyMe app will analyze the pictures ensuring that all the information needed to create a copy key has been captured.

The information is then stored in the cloud and can be used in the event you lose your key or need to make an extra copy for whichever reason. The developers of this app say that KeyMe can make backups of up to 85% types of keys in the market. Including all the major types of keys used in homes, offices and mailboxes. When a user needs a physical copy of the digital key stored in the cloud, he simply orders a locksmith at one of the KeyMe kiosks to make one.

You can download the iOS app for free and start backing up as many keys as you can. However, when you mail one standard key for production it will cost you $3.50, and any additional key after that will be 30% off. You can also order for designer keys with imprints of your sports team flag and the flag of your country among other special printings at an extra cost. Although getting the code for the locksmith to cut out a new key might be a bit expensive ($10). Many would agree it would be worth it compared to calling a locksmith to your apartment at 2 a.m.

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