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How to Become a Millionaire: Rich Redditors Share How to Become Wealthy – Careers and Secrets



Reddit has become the go-to place for taking advice from real people who are making it big in their careers or have retired early after creating loads of wealth. Many people ask how to become a millionaire early in life. To answer this question, we scoured several Reddit threads to see what careers have made Redditors millionaires. In this article we share the most common careers and habits of millionaires who shared their actual life stories and experience on Reddit.

Work in Digital, IT Careers

One of the biggest takeaways from our research on Reddit about self-made millionaires is that if you are in tech, digital, IT line of work, your chances of becoming a millionaire or extremely wealthy increase. A plethora of Redditors commented in subreddits we researched that they were able to become millions by investing the money they made in high-paying careers in IT. Many Redditors who are self-made millionaires also work in digital marketing. Here is a comment from someone who became a millionaire. He started working as an affiliate marketer and used the tool “ClickBank” as his main skill:

Currently, I own several SaaS products, High traffic blogs, I have newsletter of over 6M+ subs all combined ,several membership platforms, and run an agency focusing on CRO/Copy/PPC.

And here is the advice this Redditor gives to people:

Software/Digital is where you can make $ fast without much overhead.

Learn to interact with people in real life: Learn to talk to strangers well

Read as much technical /money books as you can.

Ex, Richest Man in Babylon

Do more in your initial days because you don’t know what you want to do unless you have explored many things.

Use social media to craft your skills, not fight with strangers, scroll etc.


Flipping Real Estate

Flipping properties is another famous career that has made many Redditors millionaires. Some Redditors who became millionaires flipping properties started their jobs working for real estate agencies, showing houses to customers and doing what any average real estate agent would do. However, being smart and using common sense and putting in hard work takes you a long way. They started looking for clients and making big deals and investing smartly. Here is an interesting comment from a Redditor who made it big in the real estate agency flipping properties:

Before becoming a millionaire I was a private driver turned property manager for a multi millionaire developer. After a few years he helped me transition into flipping property, then I was able to fund my software biz, which I then sold for 9.8Million

I now own hundreds of rentals, create software that helps accountants and lawyers, and privately invest/lend to people I believe in…and have been blessed with 2 amazing kiddos.

Notice how this guy diversified his investments into software and other businesses. When you start making money, always begin to invest and never put your eggs in a single basket.

Invest Part of Your Salary in Stocks

If you want to become a millionaire, just invest your money. This statement might sound like a cliché to many but it is a reality and hundreds of Redditors have shared their stories how they were slaving it away in a nine-to-five job but kept putting a fixed part of their salary into stocks, only to find out after years that they’ve made it.

Here is a comment that stood out in a Reddit thread where hundreds of people shared how they became millionaires:

Always saved up a lot of money (40% of my pay) and continually put it into stocks. Investment returns have outdone my savings for quite a while.

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