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How to Become an Amazon Influencer

by Roveen

Social media has several avenues of earning you an income, and if you are always looking for an opportunity to make passive income, then becoming an Amazon influencer will work for you.

Becoming an Amazon influencer simply means that you become an affiliate of Amazon, where you can then help sell products on their site and get a commission. However, becoming an Amazon influencer takes quite a lot of work.

1.    Apply to the Influencer Program

The first part of becoming an Amazon influencer is applying to their influencer program.

You will go to the Amazon influencer page, click on Sign Up, and then select the type of Amazon account you want. You could use your existing Amazon customer account or create an entirely new account. If you are already part of an Amazon Associate account, then you should use your existing account.

After signing up, you will then be asked to choose the social media site where you have the most followers. However, Twitter is currently not listed. And for Facebook and Instagram, you will need to have your account on business.

This is often the hardest part of Amazon’s influencing. This is the most complicated stage so if you are unsuccessful the first time, worry not. You will get a chance to apply in the future.

2.   Design the storefront

Once accepted, then you can get to customize how your storefront looks. Unfortunately, Amazon gives you a limited number of design options.

However, be creative with the header and profile photo. You could use your business logo as your profile picture and header to show your target audience what your brand is about.

3.   Market the storefront

Once you have created your storefront and selected the products, then it’s time to begin marketing.

Much of the marketing will involve you making content. Short-form video content, images, and blog posts are all part of the marketing. Try to make the content a lot more engaging than simply being promotional.

And there you have it: a straightforward guide on Amazon influencing, a great source of additional income.

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