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How to Best Create Your Construction Jobsite Photo Documentation?


Jobsite photo documentation is crucial for proper site documentation, real-time progress tracking, in-depth analytics, and integrations with today’s construction and architecture software. Jobsite foto documentation includes photos of the site before and after construction and images of equipment and materials used on the job. However, taking good pictures during construction can be challenging, expressly if you work in a busy environment.

This article covers the importance of 360 photography construction, a technology that will help you stay organized and keep your documentation accurate.

What is 360-degree Photo Documentation?

Photo documentation is a great way to keep track of your construction job site and the people who work on it. 360-degree photography is an exciting new way to share photographs of construction sites, real estate projects, etc. The technology behind this style of photography is relatively simple. Special cameras take these photos from multiple angles. The photos are often called “spherical panoramas,” “virtual tours,” or 360×180 images. The ability to rotate the photo and zoom in makes it an ideal option for real-time project tracking, virtual tours (all the rage in real estate right now), and other visual experiences.

When you photograph your construction site, be sure to include:

  • The site layout
  • The equipment and materials used
  • The people working on the site
  • The project is taking shape day by day
  • The finished product

Planning Your Photo Documentation and Taking Photos of Your Construction Site

Creating excellent photo documentation for your construction job site can be a time-saving and helpful tool in the event of any future questions or problems. Luckily, you can now invest in the latest technologies allowing you to capture real-time 360-degree photos and videos of your construction site. The following are tips to make your job easier:

  • Search for construction photo documentation software that is easy to use and delivers complete documentation of your site.
  • New construction tech allows you to walk your site with your camera on. Ensure you get the full software package to have an engine mapping your photos to your construction plans automatically and integrating with your construction management software.
  • Capture critical details of the site before and during construction. If you are building a house, include features such as the patio, driveway, landscape, foundation, infrastructure, plumbing, etc.
  • Keep an inventory of all materials used on the site (cement, rebar, lumber, etc.), and ensure to include pictures of any damaged or destroyed items.
  • Capture photos of all workers on-site and document their safety precautions.
  • Capture images of equipment used on the job site (excavators, bulldozers, trucks, etc.).
  • Make sure to take photos of any signs or warnings on the construction site.

Types of photo documentation

From pre-construction to post-construction, you must take photos for documentation. It will help you illustrate the entire process from start to finish.

1. Before, During, and After Photos

These are great for documenting the progress of a construction project. You can use 360-degree photos and videos to show how your project changed, what is ongoing, and what goals you aim to achieve according to the plan. In addition, your photos will help you record and use your project’s details in real-time, keep track of workers and equipment, showcase the project to inspectors, stakeholders, investors, and clients, and provide evidence for insurance purposes.

2. Scenic Photos

Taking photos of your job site from different angles can add visual interest to your documentation. It will help people understand the context of your project and increase viewer/buyer engagement.

3. People Photos

Including photos of your team members in your documentation can help you keep track of them, ensure their safety, resolve conflicts on the spot, avoid accidents, increase safety and security, etc. On the other hand, from a marketing point of view, showing photos of your team working on the project in real-time helps people understand the process and see how everyone works together. It can also illustrate the importance of teamwork and communication during a construction project.


Planning your photo documentation for your construction job site can be daunting. Still, it’s essential if you want to become a staple of good practices, transparency, efficiency, and innovation in the construction industry.

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