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How to Block a Number from leaving you a Voicemail in Android [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Users of Samsung Note 5 as well as other Android users are facing the problem that they are able to block the unwanted callers using the downloaded phone app but the blocked caller can still leave a voicemail. Blocking a user can only prevent them from reaching your phone and they are forwarded to voicemail. Not everyone loves voicemail and it is usually very annoying. People prefer leaving text message or email instead. So, below are some solutions to avoid the blocked caller from leaving voicemail too.

Android smartphones have some cool features that will make you feel safe. To protect your gadget from theft or loss, from annoying calls or messages, you can install special applications. Or use third-party proven services, such as callmyphone.

Block a Number from leaving your a Voicemail in Android

Google Voice

Try downloading the app Google Voice. It has a feature named ‘treat as spam’ which prompts the blocked number to leave a voicemail but the voicemail is automatically marked as spam in the inbox and you don’t get any notification for that voicemail.

Extreme Call Blocker

It’s a paid app ($4.99) on Google Playstore. This app rejects the calls without the caller being able to leave a voicemail. It has two options: ‘Hang-up no voicemail’ in which your phone will not ring and you will not get any notification too and ‘Allow call no voicemail’ in which your phone will not ring but you will receive missed call notification. In both cases the blocked user will hear the phone ring and then a tone which will indicate that the call has ended.

Call Voicemail Blocker

This amazing app on Google Playstore works like a charm. It has the feature to hang up on the blocked numbers so that they are not forwarded to voicemail.

Call Control Call Blocker

This app has 3 blocking options: Disconnect, Ignore and Send to Voicemail. Also, it has a Do Not Disturb option through which you can block calls during your desired time of the day.

No More Voicemail

This Android app prevents callers from leaving voicemails by totally eliminating the option. It is a free application. It basically forwards the call to another number which keeps ringing without your voicemail ever picking it up. It works with all main carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) unless you have a prepaid plan. After downloading the app, you activate your number and then your callers get infinite ringing. To deactivate the app, you can’t just delete it, you will have to call and deactivate the number here.

Contact your carrier

A simple solution is to contact your carrier and disable the voicemail feature but this is not an efficient solution as sometimes you are unable to attend an important call but the person on the other end can’t leave a voicemail too; they’ll have to text or email you. Also, you can use your carriers blocking service to block callers. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile charges $4.99 per month for this service with a limit of number of users you can block.



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