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How To Block Someone on iMessage

by Fahad Saleem

How To Block Someone on iMessage

The world is full of toxic people, abusers and harassers. If someone is annoying you on your iPhone and you are unable to block him/her, this could turn into a headache. You will be surprised to know that in iOS 6, users were not able to block someone on iMessage. But Apple gave this provision in iOS 7 and it extends to iOS 8. If you are sick and tired of an annoying friend or a harasser, you can easily block contact in iMessage on iOS 8. The blocked contact will not be able to message or call you. Here’s you to block anyone on iMessage.

Block Any Contact in iMessage

Go to Settings in your iPhone

Scroll down and tap on Messages

Scroll down and tap on Blocked

In order to block the contact and add it to the list, tap on Add New.

Choose the contact and tap on Done.

block someone on imessage


That’s all. You have blocked the annoying contact in iMessage. He/She will not be able to message, call or FaceTime you.

 Block Unknown Number on iMessage

What if you receive messages and calls from an unknown number? There is a solution to block an unknown number of iMessage in iPhone too.

Just open the phone app in your iPhone by hitting the green phone sign.

Tap ‘Recent’ tab.

block someone on imessage

You will now see a list of the recent contacts with which you have interacted. Just head over to the unknown number you want to block and tap the ‘i’ sign which is to show the information and more options against a number.

block someone on imessage

You will see ‘Block This Caller’ option and the end of the screen. Tap it.

block someone on imessage

Now hit ‘Block Contact’ option and you are done.

block someone on imessage


Enable Notifications for Blocked Contact Other than iMessage

Many people want to receive the notifications other than iMessage for the blocked contacts. You can enable the notifications for blocked contacts other than iMessage by performing the following steps:

Delete the blocked contact from your phone/address book

Open Settings in your iPhone

Go to Notifications ->Messages -> scroll down and select Show Alerts from My Contacts.


That’s all. You can easily block someone from iMessage if you don’t feel comfortable receiving their calls or messages. Let us know in the comments about any query you have.


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