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How to Block Someone on Instagram on iPhone and Android

by Fahad Saleem

Instagram is a great photo sharing app whose users are now in billions around the world. Just like in any app, there are some nuisances and problems in Instagram too. Like people being spammy or jerk, sharing their own useless photos obsessively or harassing you. Whatever the reason may be, you can block someone on Instagram and it’s pretty easy. You can block someone on Instagram without letting them know. I will discuss the method of blocking people on Instagram in iPhone and Android. Here’s how to do it.

Block someone on Instagram in iPhone

Launch Instagram on your iPhone.

Now tap on the profile icon on from the interface.




block someone on instagram 1


block someone on instagram  2

Now tap Followers or Following because you can block anyone from your followers and from those who you are following.

block someone on instagram 3

From the list of users, just tap any name you want to block on Instagram.

block someone on instagram 4

Now tap the ‘More’ tab from the right side of the screen, the place with 3 dots.

You will get three options to play with. The first is Block User, the second is Report Inappropriate and the third one is Copy Profile URL.

block someone on instagram 5

Tap the Block user option and confirm when a pop-up asks you about confirmation.

You will get the confirmation message that the user has been blocked on Instagram.

That’s it. This was how to block someone on Instagram on iPhone. Now let’s see how to do the same on Android.

Block someone on Instagram on Android

Launch Instagram app in your Android phone.

Open any profile on Instagram you want to block. You can do this by searching their name or tapping the followers or following tab.

Tap the more tab with 3 dots or an arrow tab.

You will get the option to block the user. Just tap it, confirm it and you are done.

This was how to block someone on Instagram in Android and iPhone.

It’s important to note that after blocking someone on Instagram, the blocked person will still be able to your likes and comments. He/She won’t be able to see the posts, updates from you anywhere. All the previous activity, his/her comments on your posts will remain there until and unless you remove them manually. Also, the blocked person won’t be notified when you block someone on Instgram. Enjoy!


Photo source: iGeeksBlog

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