How to Block Unknown Calls, No Caller ID from Unknown Numbers in iPhone

While it’s easy to block contacts and callers on iPhone, people are finding it difficult to find a way to block unknown calls in iPhone. You must have seen “No Caller ID” text when you receive a call from an unknown number in iPhone. That means the number is not on your contact list. In this article I will tell you how to block unknown callers or No Caller ID in iPhone.

Block Unknown Calls, No Caller ID in iPhone

Block Unknown Callers & “No Caller ID” on iPhone

Launch settings in iPhone and go to the Do Not Disturb mode. You will see a toggle button for the “Manual” option. Just turn that to “ON”. This is to turn of the DND mode.

A little below the above option, you will see “allow calls from” option.  Now, there are two options for this:” Favorite or All Contacts. If you choose favorites, only selected people from your contact list will be able to call you, for example family, close friends and colleagues. This might not be a good option for you. However, you can choose “All Contacts” option. This will allow all those people whose contacts are saved in your iPhone to call you. But this essentially filters out all unknown numbers, which is exactly what we want. Once you choose All Contacts, or favorites, you block all unknown numbers from calling you. Henceforth, you will not see No Caller ID in iPhone.

Simply turning on the Do Not Disturb mode will disable the alerts and ringtones for the calls. But using the “Allow Calls From” section is the best way to block unknown calls in iPhone.

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