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How To Block Websites on Chrome, Firefox, IE in your Computer

by Fahad Saleem

We all come across moments when we need to block a website. Whether it is the matter of blocking obscene and nude websites to save your family especially kids from watching them or blocking social media websites to avoid time wastage, website blocking comes handy. If you are looking on ways about how to block websites on chrome browser, you are at the right place. I will also tell you to block websites across the computer. This would not only block websites on Chrome only but also on other browsers like Firefox and IE.

First, let’s see how to block a website in Chrome as it is very easy and simple.

How to Block Websites on Chrome

Just click this link and you will be directed to a chrome extension Blocksite. This is the best extension to block websites on Chrome.

After adding it, go to extension by clicking its options from Extensions section.

Just add the name of the website in the text box above and click ‘add page’.

block site 1

Click close and the next time you open the website, it will be blocked

You can play a lot with the settings of this powerful tool. You can block websites on Google chrome using keywords. For example, just give the words related to websites that are bad and whenever a website is opened from your browser that has those keywords, it would be blocked.

You can set time limits, as to when and for how long a website will be blocked. You can apply website block to incognito mode of Chrome as well.

Now, if you want to block websites in all the browsers across the computer like Firefox, IE and any other place, follow the method below.

How to Block Websites on All Browsers in your computer

In the windows explorer, type C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. We assume here that Windows is installed in C drive. If it’s installed somewhere else, replace C with that drive in the command.

Double click hosts file or right click it and open it with Notepad. This file must be opened in notepad because we are going to edit it.

Go to the end of the last line where it’s written ‘ localhost’ or ‘::1 localhost’. Hit Enter to go to the new line (the line just below the last text).

Type this[space][address of the website you want to block]

Didn’t get it? I will write a snippet example. I am going to block Facebook.

Save the changes by pressing Ctrl+S or clicking File and clicking Save.

block websites on chrome 1 block websites on chrome 2

Now close the host file. Close all the browsers. Preferably, you should restart the computer. The next time you open the website you blocked, it won’t open.

That’s it. This was how to block websites on Chrome and other browsers like Firefox and Internet explorer in your computer.

Image source: PC world

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