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How to Build a Standing Desk Virtually: the Best Way Out There


Are you thinking about purchasing a standing desk? Yep, this is a new trend, and it is said that this furniture piece takes proper care of your health and the work productivity. So, you are ready to purchase the item. But in your local shop, such a desk is absent. Another option is to look for a verified manufacturer online and to order a desk from them. However, how can you assess all the details online?

Use a Desk Builder

Use a special tool online to build your own desk. With our deck builder, you can combine any desk components virtually. All you are required to do is to move to a respective page. There, you see the components of standing desks. Click on the selected component to move it to the left part of the screen. By clicking, add other components until you get a perfect desk model online.

With the changes in the desk structure, you will be displayed how the price is changing. If your budget is limited, you can adjust the components to get the needed price range. It will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end.

When your virtual desk is built, you can have a look at the accessories that you might need. Just continue with our deck builder, it will move to accessories. Again, click on the items you like to add to your purchase.

By the way, in the right corner, the top part of the screen, you see what your desk looks like with a person sitting at it. Some people cannot access the desk size. But such a comparison, with a sitting person, will help to understand clearly how big the desk is.

Now, when the desk is built, you can move to the checkout.

Desk Setup

Finally, the day came. Your desk is delivered and is waiting to be set up. There are certain rules on how to set up your new standing desk. Follow them to avoid health issues and the feeling of excessive tiredness:

Setup for a Sitting Position

When you are sitting, your hands shall rest on the keyboard calmly. If they are too tense, you will get tired soon. Also, don`t forget about tunnel syndrome. If the keyboard is too close to you, you will need to bend your hands which also doesn`t add comfort.

  • The feet shall rest on the floor completely. The knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • The back and neck are straight.
  • The PC monitor is at the level of your eyes. It will not only prevent fatigue but will save a lot of time.

Setup for a Standing Position

All the above-mentioned points are valid for a standing position, too. The only thing that is different is the position of the knees. In a standing position, your legs and knees shall be slightly loose. Other than that, all the adjustments are the same for both the sitting and the standing positions. Consider them, it is important to benefit from your new height-adjustable desk.

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