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How to Change Login Screen Background in Windows 10

Microsoft has given advanced, prodigious and aesthetically pleasing graphics in Windows 10. Lock screen and login screen are two of the most important depictions of the graphics; a good login and lock screen in quintessential for your daily computer experience. While it’s supremely easy to change the lock screen in Windows 10, changing login screen is jumbled up. In fact, there is no native option to change the login screen in Windows 10. Note than login screen is that you see when you press the mouse button, Escape key to enter the user name and password; the screen which comes after the lock screen. In order to change the login screen in Windows 10, you will have to use a third party option. There is a great new free app to change the login screen background in Windows 10. Meet Windows 10 Login Screen Background Changer, a powerful app that lets you change the login screen background within seconds.

Change Login Screen Background in Windows 10

Download Windows 10 Login Screen Background Changer and launch it. The app will ask you to enter administrator password and user name.

You have two options: You can either set a solid color as the login screen background or set an image. In order to make an image the background of your Windows 10 login screen, it should be available and saved in Pictures folder of your Windows 10. Don’t save the image at desktop as the app doesn’t detect the image from there.

The interface of the app is super simple. If you want to put a solid color in the background, click “Choose Color”, select the color. The app will let you preview the tentative login screen. After everything is finalized, click on the “Change Background” option.

If you want to put any image as login screen background in Windows 10, click on “Browse for an Image”, select the image, preview it and click on the “Change Background” option.

That’s it. The Windows 10 login screen will be changed according to the given image.

The app is flawless, and adjusts the image size automatically to the login screen area. If you use a heavy image, transformation from lock screen to login screen may go a little bit slower.

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Image: AddictiveTips

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