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How to Change Root Password in iPhone, iPad

by Fahad Saleem

It has become a cliché to talk about dangers of jailbreaking your device, and rightly so. Apart from the many perks of jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad, there are a plethora of shortcomings. As they say, there’s a price for everything. In case of jailbreaking, the price is security. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, you break the strong ecosystem of Apple which promises to secure your device. Jailbreaking iPhone or iPad quells the guaranteed security. Especially if you do this process using Open SSH, you become vulnerable to the open-ended attacks from intruders. This is because the default root password of open ssh is same and global. You can change the root password iPhone to make your device secure. Root password must be changed periodically in order to deplete the threats. Here’s how to change root password iPhone, iPad.

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Change Root Password in iPhone or iPad

First off, open cydia and install OpenSSH package.

After installation of OpenSSH, make sure to connect your iPhone and computer (Mac or PC) on the same internet connection.

Now we have to use the terminal. If you are using Mac, you can open the terminal software. But if you are using Windows, install puTTY software, which is just like terminal and would suffice to perform the tasks necessary to change root password iPhone or iPad. )

You will now have to find the IP address of your iOS device for which you want to change the root password. You can find the ip address in iPhone or iPad by going to the Settings app, then going to the Wifi section and clicking “i” button. This i button will be located next to the internet connection name on your device. Press it and you will see your ip address there. (You can check our detailed guide on how to find ip address of iPhone or iPad

Now launch terminal app in Mac (or puTTY in Windows) and execute the following command.

ssh root@[IP Address]

Please note that you must put your own ip address in place of [IP Address]. The format would be something like this:   ssh root@

Your computer will start initiating a connection to your iPhone or iPad. This can take a few minutes or seconds. Let the process be completed and keep noticing the terminal. You will be asked to confirm an action. Sanction it by typing “Yes”.

Now you will have to enter the default password. This default password is ‘alpine‘. Type this password and hit enter.

Now type the command “psswd” and give your new password. Make sure to choose a secure password. You will be asked to enter the new password twice.

Also change the mobile password by typing “passwd mobile” and typing the new password.

That’s all there is to it. This is how to change root password in iPhone. You will be safe and secure after changing the root password in your jailbroken device. In case of any questions, comment on this post.

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