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How to Check Available Disk Space in Mac

by Fahad Saleem

Checking disk space is really necessary, especially for those users who do excessive downloading, storage of data and heavy processing. When it comes to Mac, available disk space has even more importance. Apple Mac has a condition regarding disk space: it should have at least 10% space available. Why? Because Mac makes virtual memory sets, read and writes files, processes cache. So it always needs some space, just in case. You can always check available disk storage space in Mac. Here’s how.

Click  Apple menu in your Mac.

Click “About This Mac”

You will see a “storage” tab. Click it.


You will see a complete overview of your storage space in Mac; the available space, the space occupied.

This was how to quickly check available disk space in Mac. Share your questions and feedback in the comments.

Image: iMore

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