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How to Choose a Link Building Strategy


Link building is considered one of the most effective site promotion techniques. When approached smartly, it can bring great results and can move your website to the top. In case you are new to link building or lack some practical knowledge, we have made a short guide that will help you get into the question. Stick to the below two steps and plan your actions in advance.

Step 1 – Analysis of the Competitive Environment

By analyzing competitors, you can find out not only the number of their automatic backlinks but also the effective platforms for placing them. When auditing the profile of competitors’ backlinks, you need to take into account to following parameters:

The total number of backlinks;

Regionality of purchased domains;

Dynamics of purchases;

Site quality.

High-quality backlinks provide targeted website traffic, conversions, and help to get into the top. On the other hand, poor-quality backlinking may threaten your online project with severe sanctions. That’s why it is so important to optimize your site’s link strategy.

What parameters does a quality link include?

Regional affiliation of the resource – Referrals from local sites will give more weight if you are running a local business. Such content is more relevant and search engines appreciate it.

The thematic aspect of the web project – The more sites refer to your online resource, the more authoritative it becomes in a given topic.

The relevance of a resource is just as important as the authority of a site or page. Always check for what key queries a potential hosting site is ranked high. The better your site’s visibility in search engines is, the more impact your backlinks will have.

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1. Domain Authority – Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz. The authority index that is less than 20 means the low quality of the resource. When the parameter reaches 20 and even higher rates,  this means that the domain is authoritative.

2. Traffic – Site traffic says a lot about the quality of the online resource and its indexing. We strongly recommend that you post backlinks on sites and pages with large traffic; thus, you can be sure that a lot of users will visit your site and that search engines will rank you better.

Step 2 – Building a Strategy

Start developing a link building strategy by selecting a list of priority pages for promotion and filling them with useful content. Building a site’s link strategy also depends on the age and type of site (whether it is info resource, e-commerce, or a corporate website of a large company). Thus, crowd marketing and non-anchor backlinks are suitable for new sites (0-3 months). Backlinks from thematic portals, catalogs, directories, partner sites also work well.

Apart from choosing platforms to post backlinks on, it is important to consider how often and how many backlinks to post. Be aware that a sharp increase in the link profile of a web resource in a short period of time is fraught with getting a web project under search engine filters. Manual link building is the right approach:

Backlinks are received from trust sites with constant traffic;

Business mentions are natural and contextual;

The promotion strategy is selected based on the successful actions of the closest competitors.

A well-chosen link strategy brings significant results in increasing website traffic. You will reach impressive results if you do the following actions:

Analysis of competitors’ backlinks (number, geo, dynamics);

Analysis of your existing backlinks (if you have any);

Creating an overview of all existing backlinks and updating it with new entries (monthly);

Search for different types of backlinks (crowd, outreach);

Smooth and systematic purchase of quality links.

Stick to the plan, and it will work for you.

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