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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Kids


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Kids grow fast and are active, so they require the proper shoes for their active lifestyle. But most parents struggle to find the right shoes to fit their kids and waste money trying to find the right ones. If you are one of the parents struggling to find the right shoes for your little ones, these tips will help you find the perfect shoes for them!

1. Function is Key

Some cute shoes and styles are too adorable not to buy, but your kids will be playing in those shoes the whole day. Buying the perfect shoes is not based on design or style but on function. Will your kids run around in these shoes? Then, it would help if you find durable and comfortable shoes for them.

2. Never Buy Bigger-Sized Shoes

Most parents buy bigger shoes for their kids because it’s practical, but it doesn’t do anything for the kid’s comfort. Buying bigger shoes could also lead to accidents like tripping because your kid’s feet will slide off the shoes. Always buy the perfect size so your children won’t be uncomfortable using the shoes.

3. Measure Your Child’s Feet

To ensure you get a perfect size, measure your child’s feet. If you are not fond of memorizing measurements, you can draw the shape of your child’s feet on paper. Then, you can cut the drawing and put it in your bag. Anytime you buy your kid new shoes, you can use this method for the most accurate measurement. 

4. Give the Toes Wiggle Room

Your children’s toes should have room to wiggle around inside the shoes, so opt for wide-toe shoes. This way, your kids will always be comfortable while they wear their shoes. They won’t get blisters or tired too easily because of an ill-fitted pair of shoes. Certainly, wide-toe shoes are the perfect kids everyday shoes.

5. Once Your Kids Overgrow Their Shoes, Replace the Shoes

Children grow up fast, but their shoes stay the same. So, you’ll need to replace your kid’s shoes often because forcing them to wear small shoes will make them uncomfortable. When your kids’ feet outgrow their shoes, don’t hesitate to get them new ones. Though this may sound expensive, their comfort is always the priority.

Pro tip: don’t buy expensive shoes while your children are still growing. They can outgrow shoes in just a few months. Buy mid-range shoes that are durable and comfortable so you won’t regret buying shoes over and over again. 

6. Check the Shoes’ Material

The shoes’ material is also important since your kids’ feet are delicate and can form blisters. Ensure that the inner lining of your child’s shoes is soft and comfortable. Always check if the shoes’ materials are weather appropriate, so your kids stay warm or cool, depending on the weather. 

Shop Shoes for Your Kids Today!

Shoe shopping for your children shouldn’t be stressful. These tips will help you pick the perfect ones for your children. Enjoy shopping for your children’s footwear, and follow these simple steps for a successful shopping spree!

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