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How to Choose WordPress Development Company and Not to Waste Your Money

Nowadays, choosing a WordPress developer is a challenge. Hundreds of web developers worldwide offer their services for various budgets and attract clients with luring promises. A potential customer is forced to spend time browsing sites, reading reviews, analyzing pricing, etc. However, this is not a guarantee that the choice of a contractor will be successful. How to choose a WordPress developer to create a site and be satisfied with the result? Let’s talk about this in the article.

Why Choosing a WordPress Developer Is So Problematic?

Not everyone in the IT market is truly a professional. This is the main problem for a potential customer. The majority of companies promise the best result before signing the agreement. It turns out that the project contains a lot of errors that negatively affect the conversion of the site. In the end, the client is disappointed, and there is a need to invest more to improve the website. To avoid this, we recommend you use the below tips when choosing a WordPress developer. You can also click here

to understand what kind of WordPress website development company we are talking about.

7 Tips On How to Choose a WP Developer Correctly

1)  The site:

A WordPress developer, an individual or a company, without its website is nonsense. Today, there are still companies that place ads about their services with only the contact phone number and email address. The company’s own website is its face, which shows the skills of its developers and their professionalism. Therefore, if the developer does not have its own site, then you should not contact this company.

At the same time, it is essential to assess the website of a potential developer to see how good he is at his job. Sometimes you don’t need to be a professional in the field to understand whether the website is good or not. Even the first impression plays an important role. However, there are also some relevant criteria, which even an unqualified person can easily assess.

If the contractor has a website, you should analyze the following parameters:

Portfolio with examples of work
The presence of a blog
The quality of content

All these points are required in order to evaluate the level of expertise of the developer.

2) Office:

Half of the web developers do not have their own offices. Having an office for a professional developing company is a must. This is not only a guarantee that you will be able to meet with the manager to discuss issues, but also the evidence that the company has a high level since it can maintain the office.

3) Legal issues:

Professional developers are required to work under the contract. This document has legal force, so in case of conflicts, you can go to court with it. The agreement must specify the terms of cooperation, obligations of the contractor and the customer, the terms of the development of the site and its cost, working conditions in case of force majeure, payment terms. If the WP developing company operates without a contract, the company is not legally registered, it means that the customer is more likely to lose in case of conflict.

4) Technical specifications:

For a WordPress site development, this is a basic document. It specifies all the requirements for the work of developers: semantics, structure, design, functionality, content. Each item is described in detail to minimize possible operating errors. This document is thoroughly discussed with the client: everything must be agreed in advance. Without this document, the probability of receiving an unfinished project is increasing.

5) Range of Services:

There are web studios that specialize exclusively in one service. For example, design or website advertising. It is better to hire such companies only in those cases when you need a specific type of work. If you want them to create a WordPress site, it is better to choose a web-developer offering a range of services that can be required in the future.

6) Reputation:

It is important to read reviews about the company. Reputation is also evidenced by companies that have already collaborated with the web studio and WordPress website developers. As a rule, the developer is always proud of them and shows their logos on the website. It is also known that some competing companies leave negative reviews, trying to get more customers. So, negative feedback is not always true.

In Conclusion

Before hiring a WordPress developer, analyze the company by all of the above factors. Don’t forget to consider the price issue – professional performers will never work for a penny. Good luck!

Are you Getting Value for Money from your Web Host?

Are you Getting Value for Money from your Web Host?

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