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How to Choose Your Business Video’s Animation Style


A time might come when you need to hire a company that does business videos. If that happens, it probably means you don’t have the equipment or expertise to handle the job yourself.

You’ll need to hire an outside agency to make the business videos for your company. You might feature them on your website, post them on your social media accounts, or use them to entice potential investors.

You’ll need to decide whether to use a live-action format or animation for these videos. If you go with animation, that might work well. You’ll next need to think about the animation style you want to employ, though.

We’ll talk about how you can choose the correct animation style for your company’s business videos in the following article.

Think About Who Will See the Videos

Choosing your business’s animation video style can seem overwhelming at times. When you start to look at companies that can create these videos for you, you’ll probably see that dozens, if not hundreds, of animation styles exist. Some might resemble each other a little, while others will seem completely distinct.

How will you choose between them? First, you’ll probably want to consider who will see these videos and what impact you want them to have.

Maybe you’re going to show the animated business videos to some investors. You have to study those investors and learn about them so you can match the animation style to them as best you can.

Perhaps you’re going to show the business video as part of a pitch to a young tech entrepreneur. This person may like the Manga animation style. You can produce a video reminiscent of the movie Akira or the Speed Racer cartoon series.

Maybe you’re showing the video to an older investor who’s part of a different generation. You will likely want a more restrained animation style that’s less bombastic.

Showing the video to someone from the Baby Boomer generation will probably impact your animation choices versus showing it to someone from the Millennial generation or Gen X. That’s not to say that investors or viewers from different generations might not enjoy the same video, but certain animation styles seem to go over better with particular age groups.

Think About Your Branding

When you’re trying to choose the right animation style for your business video, you’ll also need to think about your branding. What brand identity does your company have? Do your customers know that you have and cultivate a particular style already?

If so, you’ll want to ensure that your video’s animation style matches that perfectly. Someone who knows about your established style can identify this video as coming from your company within the first few seconds of starting it.

For instance, maybe you’re a brand like Hot Topic. If so, you might want a kooky, fun video animation style like a Guillermo Del Toro or Tim Burton movie.

Maybe you’re already using animation or images as part of your product packaging or on your website. If so, you’ll certainly want your business videos to match that style.

You don’t want to create anything that goes against your previous branding efforts. You’ll need to hire a company that knows how to make videos reminiscent of what you already have out there. They may put their own twist on it, but you don’t want them to completely deviate from your meticulous branding efforts.

Think About the Effect You’re Trying to Instill

When you make these animated business videos or hire a company to do it for you, you’re trying to use them to create a certain effect. In other words, you want to see a particular outcome after someone watches this short film representing your company. Maybe you want them to invest in the company, buy a new product or service, or use some business website feature.

To get the watcher to do that, you want an animation style to which they will have the proper reaction. For instance, if you go with an odd or disquieting animation style or concept, they’ll probably shy away from interacting with your company any further.

You’re not trying to create an art piece with a business video. You need the company you hire to make it tasteful and professional. You want to stay away from any kind of gross-out elements unless you have clearly established that as your brand identity.

Again, consider your audience. Maybe you’re going to post this business video on your website. You want the person who watches it to sign up for your email list after the video concludes, or perhaps you want them to buy a new product you’ve just launched.

Your marketing team has worked up an ideal customer profile. You know the person watching this video’s age, marital status, ethnicity, income level, and so forth.

You and the animation company you hire will have to agree on an animation style to which you think this person will respond favorably. The tone also matters. Do you want to make this person smile or laugh? Do you want them to take your company more seriously after the video concludes?

The Animation Style Matters

Someone who doesn’t know very much about animation might conclude that it’s all more or less the same. They might not differentiate between animation companies that make business videos because they feel like they’re all producing essentially the same product.

That perception is completely false. Different animation styles are like fingerprints, and what one company produces might differ from another as much as a horror movie differs from a comedy.

You absolutely need to take some time to look at what each animation company produces before you decide on one that feels right. Talk to that company’s animators about what you want these videos to do, who will watch them, what budget you have, and any other pertinent factors. At that point, you can probably determine whether you and the company should work together.

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