How to Contribute in Saving Nature: 5 Effective Ways

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If the last year of pandemic hasn’t been a wake-up call for you, I don’t know what else would be.

Honestly, we can’t even blame the world for it; with the kind of treatment we give our nature, it was bound to happen – one day or the other. Right from fuming poison from factory vents to uprooting trees or dumping trash in water bodies – there’s no limit to how we are destroying our nature, every day. In fact, in reality, we are living on this earth, like we have another earth to move to.

But here is the thing. Amidst the hopelessness of the pandemic, the only thing that was happy and rejoiced was nature. When we all were locked in with limited human interaction, nature danced and the Earth healed itself.

Now, as citizens, we all can blame governments and industrialists for not taking care of the planet. Of course, they can do more than what we can do individually, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. You can also contribute equally well – only if you have the intent to do it.

Below, we have rounded up 5 easy ways in which you can contribute to saving nature, and implementing just a few from the list, will make things a lot better for our “only” living planet.

1.    Say “No” to plastics

We have been reading, for years now, that plastics take almost 1000+ years to decompose and how bad they are for our planet. We have also been reading that it’s time we should say no to plastics, forever. Yet, people aren’t taking it as seriously as they should. The intent to not use plastics and use alternatives like paper bags is still absent. 

Now with the advancing world and the widely available alternatives, it’s not even difficult to replace plastic. Right from paper bags to bamboo plates – there are so many substitutes available.

2.    Bathe smart

If you are bathing the right way, you will save gallons full of water every month. For instance, just shortening your showering period by a minute, means that you save 150 gallons of water a month.

Think about 7 billion people on the planet doing the same. Like I said, in the beginning, you don’t really have to jump puddles, just some baby steps daily, will take you a long way.

3.    Rainwater harvesting

Most households have lawns or some form of potted plants. However, instead of watering them in the traditional manner, collecting rainwater, and practicing rainwater harvesting is becoming extremely popular with every passing day.

This is because the whole process of implementing rainwater harvesting is very simple and cost-friendly yet super effective.

4.    Using solar energy

Solar energy, now more than ever, has become extremely accessible. Not just factories or industries, but also common households can have access to them. However, as I said previously, people just don’t have the right intent.

Solar energy is a clean source of energy, leaves no carbon footprint, and plus, makes things really economical for you. People might question that one has to invest a lot initially, but it is just a one-time cost, and the returns are brilliant. So, if you are looking to install solar panels at home, make sure you dig deep into the whole process and also use DC MCB for solar.

5.    Conserving energy

In this point, we have summed all the points together. Conserving energy doesn’t require you to do anything overboard. Just don’t use the air conditioner for long hours or turn off fans/lights when not in use. These might seem little in nature but can make a significant difference.

Over to you…

The above-mentioned points may not seem very big but are enough for anyone who is willing to contribute. Just think, seven billion people, practicing all these above-mentioned ways together – beautiful world!

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