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How to Convert Any File to Any Format


Sooner or later, every Windows user is faced with the need to convert files. Think of it as translation. A format expressed as the extension (e.g., *.pdf) is the language in which information is stored. Each type requires a special program to open it. For instance, you may need to open a document created on a Mac. Here are a few tips to help you cope with any such task.

In many cases, you have a choice between manual and automated methods. the latter would not exist if users could do everything on their own, right? The best file converters for Windows guarantee precision. All too often, important data is lost in the process of manual transformation.

When Conversion Is The Easiest

Some applications allow users to save their work in a variety of files. For instance, a Google Docs file may be exported as PDF, RTF, DOC, and a few other formats. The same is true for other popular word processors and image editors. Therefore, to make a file readable for another program, you can save it in the corresponding format. Voila! Unfortunately, such convenience is not always possible. In addition, you may have no access to the original program.

Best Multimedia Converters

The best examples are all-around solutions compatible with any existing format. For images, you can use a universal converter with the following features:

transformation of TIFF, JPEG, WebP to PDF;

editing of the result;

optimization for web use;

work with extra-large maps and drawings (in professional versions).

A video converter is indispensable for any professional or amateurs who make home videos. It should allow you to generate AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, and FLV files. The best products have a special feature called Video To Device. It converts video for Apple devices, Xbox, Archos, etc. Rotation and resizing are possible. Such programs are like a Swiss Army knife for conversions.

Best Email Converters

In many cases, the manual conversion is impossible. Most email clients use their own proprietary formats like *.pst for Microsoft Outlook. For example, as Thunderbird uses MBOX, you cannot just drag and drop the messages from one program to another.

Today, there is a wide range of email-specific programs, especially for users of Outlook. MSG files may be converted into PDF, DOC, TIFF, PST for transfer of archiving. MBOX files may become PDF, DOC, EML, etc. Automated utilities offer the only method with guaranteed accuracy.

Best Audio Converters

Universal programs allow you to switch formats easily and turn almost any file to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4, AAC, or MPC. Dozens of formats are supported, and batch conversion is quick. True fans can rip old CDs and use the FLAC format for crystal clear sound.

The Bottom Line

Some applications allow saving in a variety of formats. Other cases require the use of dedicated tools. Choose comprehensive utilities that guarantee precision. With them, you will be able to solve any conversion task in seconds.

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