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How to Convert Wired Headphones into Bluetooth Enabled Headphones


Music devices have evolved to  the extent that they are no more devices only. Maybe they have turned into apps. And even if there are any music-only devices left, they are smarter than before. They let you connect earpieces with them that are wireless. Although Bluetooth headphones are a smart, convenient and hassle free thing to use; but the down side is that they are a little more expensive than you would like them to be. Also there are certain good quality headphone that are top notch in performance but are not available with Bluetooth option. So what if you want to have the same quality of the headphones but with a Bluetooth connectivity, which your favorite brand does not provide? Or maybe you would like to have Bluetooth enabled headphones but their price is out of your range. Well, thank the lords, and the modern technology of course, for it turns out that there is a way – a little less expensive – for you to add a Bluetooth connectivity feature to your wired headphones.

Convert Wired Headphones into Bluetooth Enabled Headphones

There is a device called Btunes, available for $99 – not that cheap though –, but still a lot better than Bluetooth-only headphones, that lets you convert you wired headphones into Bluetooth enabled headphones. The device is basically a Bluetooth receiver with a 2.5/3.5 mm audio jack on the end (available separately). To attach this device, you need to have headphones that have detachable cords – which most good quality headphones have.

So you can convert your wired headphones to Bluetooth enabled headphones by attaching the Btunes device to your headphones. It lets you use its mic for all sorts of voice related activities, e.g., giving voice commands to Google, Siri or Cortana. And obviously, it lets you take calls as well.

The solution is pretty smart. It not only lets you keep your favorite brand of headphones set, but also adds a Bluetooth connectivity feature to it; because if you can’t find a good Bluetooth-only headphones, compromising on the standard of their voice quality is not a better trade off then compromising on Bluetooth feature.

The connectivity via Bluetooth is a convenient thing, but it still is a Bluetooth connection, and can give a little off-moments while delivering sounds. Nonetheless, it never hurts to trade it off for better mobility and always-entangled-wired-headphones when you are feeling a little extra upbeat or outdoorsy.


Fahad Saleem

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