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How to Create a Cozy Atmosphere in the Office? Creative Ideas


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Should the office be strict and thus “adjust to the working mood”? Or more human and cozy, with its own democratic “inner” style? We are inclined to the second option and describe small tips that make the atmosphere in the office more relaxed.

For sure, it will attract your attention, or it will suggest some idea of its own. At the same time, almost all the ideas described in the article have a very important advantage: they do not involve serious costs, or they can be implemented for free.

Organize an impromptu library

Surely each of the colleagues, despite the progress with their smartphones and e-readers, will have good and already read books. Select a shelf where you will put the volumes brought for exchange, and arrange bookcrossing. And instead of smoking breaks, you can share your literary impressions over tea and coffee.

Communication board

In the age of high technology, such a simple and “unobtrusive” means of communication seems especially attractive. Get a whiteboard and markers in the office – no, not for the meeting room, but for everyone. So that everyone can, if they want, draw something on the board, someone can come up with and write a caption to the drawing there, leave a comment, etc.

Sports room

We are not talking about a large room or a gym at all. It is enough to allocate a small room. You can buy a couple of fitness balls there, and some other inexpensive sports accessories that do not need a lot of space to use. When employees want to relax a little, they can “let off steam” there. And, of course, this room, no matter how small it is, needs to be decorated as informally as possible. Anyway, this place is not visible to anyone except the employees of the company themselves, which means that you can not limit your imagination.

Informal interior

Replace some particularly “office” interior details with something more informal. For example, change the traditional vertical or horizontal blinds to more “home” curtains. If you are not ready for such options, at least think about a compromise. For example, they can be roller blinds. On the one hand, they come in a variety of colors and textures, including multicolored ones. On the other hand, they are quite practical and will provide good protection from bright light. What is more, a lot of modern companies allow employees to bring pets to the office and not only small ones but also cats of Maine coon size and dogs of large breeds.

Humorous newsletter on Fridays

Create a corporate newsletter on a frivolous topic. Collect funny incidents from working life, joke, and exchange funny links. Giggling together heals working relationships, so let it become a tradition at the end of the working week. It is better to issue such a newsletter closer to Friday evening so that it does not interfere with the working atmosphere.

Create a wall of relaxation

Arrange for each employee from vacation or business trip to bring a funny magnet in memory of the city they visited. It costs a penny, but it raises the mood and reminds you of traveling. It’s nice to open the office refrigerator door if it’s covered in colored magnets. Gradually, you will have a whole “map” of your employees’ travels. This is an additional reason for informal conversations and contacts between employees.

Organize a piggy bank to collect change

For example, you can put a cool piggy bank in each department. During the week, employees can pour in unnecessary trifles there, contributing to the general fund. And, for example, on Friday, with the amount accumulated over the week, you can jointly buy something pleasant for everyone: a box of chocolates, a large pizza, a cake, etc. And celebrate the end of the working week together.

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Organize talent contests

Are there any photography enthusiasts among your colleagues? Arrange a gallery by hanging their best pictures on the walls of the office. Maybe someone likes to draw, or crochet funny toys? Make a small exhibition, interview talented employees, and ask them to tell about their hobby. It is better to hold talent contests regularly, for example, 3-4 times a year.

Celebrate employee birthdays

However, if there are a lot of you, giving gifts is just as expensive as setting the table for the birthday boy. Agree to hand over a small amount to the secretary or HR manager after the salary for birthdays – to buy a cake and fruit. And the culprit of the banquet is pleased, and no one needs to spend seriously.

These are just a small part of the ideas that can make your office life less stressful. The less stress and tension the work causes for employees, the higher their satisfaction and the lower the turnover (if there are other important factors, of course). People often change jobs not only for the sake of a higher salary but also because the atmosphere in the office is full of stress or just incredibly dull. Think about how else you can make life in your office more human because no one knows your company “from the inside” better than you.

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