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How to Create a Crypto Coin


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Did you know that a crypto coin is a decentralized currency that can store value like gold? A crypto coin is as good as real money. Therefore, learning how to create a crypto coin is essential to increasing your wealth.

Then you can trade your coins and have specific utility over the blockchain network for paying fees, partaking in governance, and staking. Here is all the information you need to know.

What Is a Crypto Coin?

The first step is to understand the difference between tokens and crypto coins. Although both of them are cryptocurrencies, coins operate on their own blockchain.

On the other hand, a token lives on top of existing infrastructure like Ethereum. What is a blockchain? It is a record of transactions that are secured and made on a network.

Your crypto coins will have their own transaction ledgers that will be independent, unlike tokens that rely on another network’s underlying tech to secure and very ownership. You can transfer wealth with a crypto coin instead of just representing a contract.

How to Create a Crypto Coin

Creating a crypto coin does require some technical knowledge if you are not a developing expert. This is because a crypto coin needs its own blockchain, so you must build one.

This requires some coding skills and knowledge. Alternatively, you can fork a blockchain that already exists. This can be done by using open-source code from Github.

Launching your new blockchain should be a breeze with a few quick changes. If you want to make life easier by using an existing blockchain, you can find creation services that do all the technical work.

Then they will deliver your finished crypto coin back. Otherwise, you can experiment with the process and play around with a free coin launch tool.

Creating Coins vs. Tokens

Creating a token means that you are making a smart contract. There will be no public ICO for you to launch. This is because tokens are not assets and cannot be treated as such.

You can create a token without real value just to play around and exchange it between friends. Creating a token may be cheaper and faster than a crypto coin. You do not need to maintain a forked or new blockchain.

All you need is the readymade technology available thanks to Ethereum or Bitcoin. However, if you genuinely want to create something valuable, it is better to form a crypto coin.

Coins have real value and can be traded as assets. Buy Enjin coin here to see the power of crypto coins versus tokens. You can buy and sell coins to raise money. All you need is some intensive coding knowledge.

Create Your Coin Today

Now that you know how to create a crypto coin and the difference between coins and tokens, you need to decide which one is worth your time and resources more.

Coins have actual value, unlike tokens. The hard part is that you need to create an independent blockchain or fork an existing one.

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