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How to Create Approval Workflows in Kissflow


If you have a business where multiple processes are required to complete a task, you should check out the Kissflow Workflow platform to manage your workflows. Indeed, not doing so would be missing out on something significantly valuable for your organization.

The reason is that manual operation of a workflow can be time-consuming, prone to errors, lack of security, insufficient storage space, and higher operational costs. Conversely, Kissflow Workflow is a cloud-based service platform that allows businesses to create, model, and execute various process apps without any coding knowledge.

What are some of the other things you should know about it that make it so famous?

What is Kissflow Workflow?

As mentioned above, Kissflow Workflow is a workflow automation software that lets teams in your organization build their workflows. It is specially designed for people with zero to minimal coding experience.

One of the reasons they possess the ability to do this is the user-friendly interface and design. It also comes with incredible features like drag and drop that allow users to create pre-populated fields and tables for designing logic-based forms. You can perform other tasks with this excellent platform by defining workflows with sequential tasks while receiving notifications with selected metrics.

A brief intro to approval workflow

All businesses work on a specific set of processes or sequence of actions that are predetermined according to an organization’s rules. An approval workflow is one of the parts of the overall process. It involves a particular user (for example, a team manager) to approve the data in a specific stage.

All types of approval workflows require a wide variety of checks from various stakeholders. For the process to be efficient and result-oriented, it is essential that the approver receives the correct data. Anybody unfamiliar with the functioning of an automated workflow will find it surprising that artificial intelligence could take care of the process without human intervention.

Usually, such workflows require some manual approval. However, you can create an automated approval process with Kissflow Workflow and do so quite easily and quickly. Users can secure approval in less than 15 minutes by using this process, regardless of the type of workflow you create.

How to create an automated approval on Kissflow workflow?

If you have tried other automated workflow platforms for your business and are unsatisfied with the results, wait till you try out Kissflow. It streamlines the sequence of operations, has a straightforward and welcoming interface, does not require any assistance from the IT department, and makes the entire process of creating workflows more accessible and faster.

You must follow three essential steps to create the workflow with this platform, all of which are mentioned below.

Step 1: Select a particular form

The first step in creating an automated approval process is to select a form that will display all the necessary data. There are several ways to do this.

You could either attach a PDF with the invoice. Or, you could even integrate your workflow with the help of several fields like sequence numbers, tables, and auto-populating custom fields that calculate the invoice price depending on the quality.

Step 2: Create a workflow by setting actions

After completing the step mentioned above, the next step is to create a workflow. The kind of workflow you make will depend on your project’s requirements. There are different types of workflows, including state machine, rules-driven, and sequential.

You can also decide to make your workflow extremely simple by making it a one-step approval process. In a one-step approval process, a senior manager in an organization first reviews and then approves an update or rejects it as the situation demands.

The other option is to include two levels of approvals across several departments. In a two-step approval, two business managers are involved in the review and support of the process. The owner or owners of a task are notified via email or mobile push notifications. They can also carry out additional checks before recommending approval if the circumstances warrant it.

Step 3: Execute the workflow

In the last step, the workflow that has just been created is put into action. With other automated workflow software, the team members will need prior training for a specific time.

But a huge advantage of the Kissflow Workflow platform is that its operation does not require any training or coding knowledge. You would be surprised to know the user interface is so friendly that you can create the apps you want in just around 30 minutes.

Benefits of using Kissflow for workflows

It offers the highest level of accessibility

One of the significant benefits of the Kissflow platform is the high level of accessibility that it offers. Any team member in an organization can access the information they need quickly. However, you can also restrict its access to others or ensure that only some users can access any data that you feel is sensitive. The primary benefit is that everyone can get the information they want quickly.

Fewer mistakes

Using the Kissflow Workflow automated software ensures that errors are minimized in every way possible. Errors in workflows are caused by the set-up pattern or issues with the enrolled records. Sometimes, they can also come from the software being used incorrectly.

Enhanced security and back-up

If you want yet another reason why Kissflow is the best-automated workflow platform, here it is. Unlike other similar automated platforms, it is a cloud-based system that guarantees the highest levels of security. You also have no reason to worry about your lost data because it is backed up almost as soon as you upload it.

It comes with pre-built applications

Kissflow has more than 45 pre-built applications that you can use for your business. Some of the available apps with this platform are asset purchase, leave request, press release, sales invoice, asset purchase, purchase request, mileage reimbursement, expense approval, vendor registration, and purchase order.

However, if you are looking for other options, you can also create your custom apps.

As seen above, creating an approval process with Kissflow Workflow is easy, quick, and efficient. There are various benefits associated with it, from security to ease of access.

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