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How to Create Stunning Videos


There is so much content on every social media platform, and within every website, it is harder and harder to get your target audience’s attention. Sticking to a content creation plan, and coming up with innovative ideas is part and parcel of getting yourself noticed.

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However, when it comes to easy to consume and quick to share content, video is critical.

With the introduction of Instagram videos, reels, Instagram lives, Snapchat, periscope, and Facebook live video is king.

It’s the easiest way to tell a story quickly, and sometimes you can do it without words, or even actors.

More brands are now looking for a way to connect with their audience than ever before. And there are many new innovative ways to create videos without all of the cost and production, but you might expect.

So here is a weight range of ways to create stunning videos.

Creating Stunning Videos

Video is incredibly important, are a few simple tips that you should keep in mind when you are planning on creating.

It is important when you plan your content to consider these tips.


What are you trying to achieve by using video? Do you want to make people laugh, and therefore share with other people? Are you trying to get more visitors to your website? Where are you? Sit down and think about the goals of your video creation.

Without a goal, the video has no purpose.

Target Audience

If you’re talking to everybody, you are talking to nobody. Not having a clear vision of who your ideal audience is, or using the metrics at your disposal to identify your target audience means all of your efforts will be wasted. Your audience, and how you write your script, the colors you use, how you edit in the video, and even the typography.

Also, play a key part in where you choose to distribute your videos.

If your main audience hangs out on Facebook, but you’re creating short clips that only work on Instagram when you’re going to rethink your strategy. Put your videos where your audience hangs out.


Sure, you might be wanting to market a new lipstick color, but that’s not gonna work; we need to use emotions to get people to understand why they want and need the product. You don’t sell the product you sell the experience that the product can give them. And the power of emotion can help.

Several emotional triggers have been shown to increase shares and engagement in marketing materials.

Fear, one of the most powerful emotions and often overrides logical thinking. Fear can be used as a marketing tool to make people loyal to the brand, product, or service.

Guilt, girls have been used by many companies to Leveridge sales. For example, parents who feel guilty of spending less time with the children and more by putting them in front of tech items are more likely to buy toys that are educational and interactive. This alleviates some of the guilt. Marketing messages successfully make consumers feel guilty, and solves that problem – with the product, of course.

Trust, if you’re in it for the long haul, you really want your consumers to trust you. Once They truly trust you, though by repeatedly from your brand even if something goes wrong. They will repeatedly buy from your brand, and as soon as they need something new if they know you sell it and they won’t go anywhere else.

Belonging, human nature dictates that we all want to feel a sense of belonging. This could be a gang, family, social network, or a group. Very often, possible purchase of goods or services to be sold to their chosen brand.

Values, there is a judgment about how important something is to us. Values are subjective, though, and we make judgments of how important something is to somebody else. People make fun decisions every day based on values and judgments.

Gratification, instant, if you have a quick buy option on your website, people are more likely to use it. We live in a time where items can be delivered on the same day or even the day after at the latest. People are willing to pay slightly more to have something delivered quickly, with tracking information. Instant gratification has become the norm, and you can show that in your videos.

Leadership, if your company’s face happens to be somebody that people can look up to, like Steve Jobs, for example. People want a taste of that leadership, and they feel like buying that product will give them that.

Using Video on Social Media

Depending on the goals of your video, there is a lot that you can do using videos on social media.

Highlighting a service, sale or product

If you have any service, sale, or product that needs special attention, a short video showing the product’s special features will grab attention quickly. Bonus points for having it have some emotional provocativeness.

Sharing Events

If you are attending events or running events, people love to see them—especially those sold out, or exclusive. People enjoy the inside view. So take some time to show them what goes on behind the scenes.

Promote your blogs

If you want more views on your blog or some content that you ring from your website, creating a video to support them and highlight the best point is a smart thing to do. You can use the video across all over your social media channels and upload onto YouTube and promote that too.

Stationary Graphics

You can turn traditional media like flyers and magazine adverts into animated videos. They’re more eye-catching and engaging, and still include all of the information that you want the audience to have. These are easy to absorb and get the message across quickly.


The equipment that you use will have a huge overall impact on the quality of your videos. While most people start filming using their phone, and something like a gorilla tripod, eventually they will move on from that. It is important that you opt for high-quality cameras, where possible, and certainly if you’re going to be investing in high-quality content or your company’s marketing.

Once you have your high-quality cameras in order, the chances are the next thing you’re going to think about is a drone, DJI drones are ideal for this.

One thing that you will find across the board is that your camera’s microphone is just not going to cut it, wherever possible, use an external dedicated audio recorder. This is the most simple and reliable way to capture your audio in a clean, crisp way.


If you are filming people, animals, children, and even products, natural light is much better. There are a few times where it is best to shoot, and the three conditions are an hour before sunset, often known as the golden hour. This gives an almost etheral light to your videos and photography.

An hour after sunrise, the light can still be soft and beautiful. Outdoors on a cloudy day can provide a soft diffused light, which means that you have much more control over shadows and brightness, and will lead to easier editing later on.

If you do need to film inside a dedicated studio with studio lights is your best option.

Ceiling lights, table lamps, or a full studio light setup is ideal to give plenty to play with the lights to create the mood you like. The bonus here is if you are to film multiple times over multiple days, your lighting will give you some continuity.


Although you might be tempted to film much as possible in one sitting, that is the very energy draining. It saves you time and money if you film in short it takes. You and your subject will have fewer things to remember during each session, and more opportunities to reshoot snippets when needed.

Focus on smaller segments of your script. The same goes for animated work, take your time, and take breaks. It is easier to make small changes as you go then large changes once you have finished filming. You want to maximize your flexibility in post-production and editing.


Your video will probably be to promote your products, services, or push traffic to your website. This is great, but you need to promote the video first to get that effect. You can consider targeted ads or post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Generating brand awareness with the video is a smart move, and you are likely to increase awareness in people outside of your current customer base, as people often share videos that they find interesting or exciting.

And remember when you do start promoting your videos, refer to your goals, and where your audience hangs out. Although it is still worth putting it on all social media channels, focus a heavy promotion on the ones already gaining traffic within your audience. Doubling down on what you have.

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