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How to Download Facebook Photos in Android or PC

According to an estimate, more than 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily. Millions of Facebook users frantically share their photos selfies. Many times, you come across your Facebook photos or others’ Facebook photos which you want to download on your PC or your phone. In this article we will show you how to download Facebook photos in Android and Windows PC. The process is extremely simple. You can either download a single photos on your Android phone, or download the entire photo collection related to your profile. Let’s first see how to download specific Facebook photos in Android.

How to Download Facebook Photos in Android or PC

Click on the Facebook photo which you want to download.

Click options from the bottom middle of the photo.

Click “Download”.

That’s it. Facebook photo will be downloaded in your computer. You can view it in the downloads directory of Windows or some other location in your hard drive if you have changed the default location.

Let’s see how to download Facebook photos in Android.

Just tap on any photo which you want to download and tap the three-dotted icon from the top right corner of the photo.

Click “Save Photo”.

That’s it. Too simple! Isn’t it?

Let’s move on to find out how to download all Facebook photos.

In order to download all your Facebook photos, you will have to use the “download copy” of

data option of your Facebook profile. This option download all the data like messages, friend lists, statuses, photos, videos from your profile. This profile is mostly used to take backup before deletion of account or deactivation. You can however use this option to download all the photos. You can delete other unwanted data.

Click on the drop down arrow from the top right corner of your profile home page and click “Settings”.

In General Settings tab, click on the download a copy of your Facebook data from the bottom most option.

Now click “Start My Archive” option from the appeared page. You will be asked to enter your Facebook password; enter your password and confirm

the start archive process. All your Facebook data will be downloaded in the form of a compressed file within minutes. You can extract the file and you will see that all your Facebook photos are downloaded. You can keep other data or delete it.

That was how to download all your Facebook photos in Android and PC. Share your questions in the comments below.

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