How To Download, Transfer, Sync WhatsApp Photos Automatically To Your Computer Via Dropbox

WhatsApp is becoming one of the primary sources of communication around the world. People exchange photos, snaps of documents, photos of their friends and family, receipts and whatnot via WhatsApp. WhatsApp automatically downloads the images in the phone memory. People who excessively use WhatsApp to exchange photos and business document images have to transfer these WhatsApp images from phone to the computer for further processing and usage. What if you could automatically transfer these WhatsApp images to your computer with a single tap? Yes! That’s absolutely possible.

MetaCtrl app offers apps for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box for your Android device which synchs with your WhatsApp media folder. Whenever you receive a photos, file on WhatsApp, it instantly gets synched with DropBox, Box, Google Drive folder, depending upon what you have opted.

Download Dropbox, Google Drive, Box App from MetaCtrl app suite from the Google Play Store. From here I will talk about how to work everything to sync photos from WhatsApp to Dropbox folder. The procedure is almost the same for Box and Google Drive.

Make a folder named ‘WhatsApp’ in your Dropbox.

Make the local folder as /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images and set the Dropbox folder as WhatsApp.

In the sync method, set it as ‘upload only’. This would allow the system to only upload the photos from WhatsApp to the Dropbox folder.

Go to the app settings and you can set the sync period. This period tells after how many minutes the Dropbox folder and WhatsApp image repo will be synched.

This was how to automatically get your WhatsApp photos in your computer. Using the above method, you could download all your WhatsApp photos in your Dropbox account/computer and share them, email them, view or edit them.


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