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How to Easily Stay Safe During the Pandemic


Covid-19 is certainly not the first, nor does it seem to be the last pandemic to spread since the dawn of humanity. However, even during the worst of times, humankind has pulled through and somehow managed to survive. In the past, it was mainly through survival of the fittest since people who contracted serious diseases were often left to die. However, with all the advances we have in medicine, people can get over many diseases easily. Medical advances have also given us ways to take proactive measures to avoid contracting diseases in the first place.

1. Avoid Human Contact

The first thing you need to do when you are in a pandemic is to avoid human contact as much as possible. While sometimes, human contact is necessary for certain services, thankfully, now you can order almost anything without having to have any kind of physical contact. This is undoubtedly a win for introverts because the pandemic can be your excuse to stay home on your own without having anyone calling you out for being too distant. You can even pay bills online to easily avoid the necessary chores and responsibilities that usually involve human interaction and crowded places with long lines.

2. Sanitize All Surfaces Regularly

During a pandemic, it is not enough to just merely clean your surfaces with water. You need to provide your home with a deep clean. You also need to keep all surfaces well-sanitized, especially if they are in constant use. For example, if you have a table by the door you use to put your groceries on, you need to sanitize it more often than unused spaces.

3. Wear Protective Gear

If you do plan on going outside for any length of time, then it is always important to have your personal protective equipment on you. The best thing to do is to purchase your own PPE without going to a store or pharmacy. You can easily look for a website that sells ppe online to hit two birds with one stone. This way, you will have all the necessary equipment you need, and you don’t have to worry about being in contact with any humans to get it.

4. Avoid Crowded Areas

During a pandemic, you should actively avoid being in crowded areas. This includes any type of gathering in which more than two to five people are present. Even if you are constantly washing your hands and avoiding touching the surfaces around you, you are still surrounded by people who may or may not be infected without your knowledge. Even if none of the people present have symptoms such as coughing or a fever, they could still be carrying the virus, thus exposing you to danger.

5. Avoid Closed Areas

Just like crowded areas, closed areas should be avoided as much as possible. The first reason is that there is no air circulation- so if a person who is infected enters a closed area, regardless of whether you are present a few hours or days later, you could still be in danger of contracting the disease. The second reason is that wearing protective gear for prolonged periods of time is not recommended, especially for young children. Hence, it is better to either stay at home or be in an open area while practicing social distancing.

6. Self-Quarantine if Necessary

If you have weak immunity or if others living with you have weak immune systems, it might be better to self-quarantine. This is especially important if you are in contact with others or if you go out regularly. You might be wondering why you should be quarantined when you do not have any symptoms. This is because even if you do not have the symptoms, you could still be acting as a carrier of the disease. Your immune system could be strong enough to fight off the virus without showing any signs, while others you come in contact with could have a weak immune system, and they may end up with far worse symptoms.

7. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly and Constantly

The final step to keep yourself safe in a pandemic is to continuously and thoroughly wash your hands. You need to wash your hands with soap for at least forty seconds to ensure that all the harmful microorganisms are dead. You also need to make sure that you are paying attention to your entire hand, not just your palms, so do not forget to wash your thumbs too.

Using this extensive list of tips, you will be able to survive this pandemic without contracting the disease. Although many of the precautions and tips mentioned here seem to be sensible, you need to be even more consistent and diligent during a pandemic. Before you decide that you are safe from the pandemic just because you are a healthy person, remember that you could still be a carrier and that you have to protect others around you from the pandemic just as you are protecting yourself.

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