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How to Easily Win the Marketing Game With the Right Promotional Products


Image is everything. This might be a highly controversial phrase in a general setting. However, when it comes to presenting your business to your customers and the rest of the business world, it most certainly is a very true statement.

First, let us think about how you get your image out there for the world to see. There are a variety of marketing strategies to consider, but if you were to just focus on one what would you want it to do for you? We can all assume that the ultimate goal of most business entrepreneurs is to reach the largest target audience while keeping costs as low as possible. Of course, that is a no-brainer. So which marketing strategy has the best chance at helping your business achieve that goal?

Time and time again, promotional product marketing has shown to reach audiences far and wide while remaining fairly inexpensive. Great, you have a marketing strategy that seems to be a surefire way to get your brand noticed. However, not all promotional products are created equal. There are thousands of promotional products on the market, just think back to any game, conference, or convention you have ever experienced; undoubtedly, you have seen promotional products of every shape and size.

So how do you pick the best promotional product that is best for your business? Here are a few factors to explore when deciding on which promotional product is going to put your business logo on the map.

  • Target Audience: Before you can begin to choose the right promotional product, you must first determine who it is you are targeting. Once you figure out your target audience, then it will be much easier to find the promotional product that is best suited for your customer base and help ensure that the product will stay around to do what it is intended to do.

How do you discover your target audience? Ask questions such as age, gender, interests, income, and job. These answers should give you a good understanding of who your target audience is.

  • Useful: The main goal in using promotional products is that you expect them to stand the test of time. In order for that goal to be achieved, you want to choose a product that most individuals would use regularly. Some examples of these types of items would be computer products (flash drives), safety kits, writing instruments, etc.
  • Connectivity: While useful is important, you also want to make sure that the promotional product you choose can create a bond between the consumer and the product that bears your brand. In order to do this, you need to find a way to make the product personal. You want to focus on engaging rather than selling. Show your customers you care about them and their well-being. Items like masks and hand sanitizers would be an everyday use that carries your logo reminding them of you and that you care.
  • Relevance: In addition to being useful and connecting, the promotional product you choose needs to have relevance in time and space. What does that mean? It means that you don’t want to insult your customers by offering a product that is dated.

Stress balls, magnets, and fidget spinners are just space wasters. Think about what your customers are needing for daily activities, items like mobile device accessories. Especially in today’s world, consumers are using their mobile devices now more than ever. An accessory stamped with your brand that helps the customer’s mobile device be more helpful to them would show that you are up-to-date with the times and their needs.

These are just a few ways to help promote the probability that you will choose the right promotional product for your business. Whether or not you chose the right promotional product will become self-evident in your increasing customer base. Compared to other marketing strategies, promotional product marketing has shown to have the largest customer recall. So by choosing the right promotional product to represent your business, you can claim the win in the marketing game.

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