How to enable Apple’s WWDC20 YouTube Livestream reminder for the June 22nd Event

How to enable Apple’s WWDC20 Livestream YouTube reminder on June 22nd at your local time

Thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, which is now a global pandemic having spread its infectious tentacles around the globe. This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC20) will be a virtual event.

Preparations are already in high gears, and Apple has already published a YouTube landing page for the livestreaming of the event. The YouTube page is currently inviting virtual attendees – expected to be thousands of developers and the general public from around the world – to activate localized reminders for the event.

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The WWDC20 event kicks off on Monday, June 22nd, at 1 PM Eastern, and 10 AM Pacific. The page’s current placeholder is the image Apple has been using to advertise the event since March this year. The imagery is of Memoji avatars using a MacBook computer with the WWDC 2020 stickers, among other Apple’s proprietary software icons.

WWDC20 Expectations

According to various rumor mills online, for this year’s WWDC20, Apple is expected to launch the new Ios14, macOS 10.16, tvOS 14, and watchOS7. Each of these new operating systems for the iPhone/iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, respectively, are expected to come up with new features and capabilities.

The rumor mills are also churning out the news that there could be new hardware to be launched. For instance, there are rumors that there will be a new 2020 iMac redesign. It is also expected that Apple will unveil its long-talked-about shift to ARM-based computers. If so, these ARM-based computers will start shipping somewhere near the end of 2020. No doubt, the migration from Intel to ARM will be a big leap for Apple’s computer hardware.

The Apple WWDC Keynote will also be available on

 The Cupertino company is notorious for walling off its ecosystem. It, therefore, comes as a bit of surprise that for this year, they are availing the livestream for its WWDC event on YouTube (owned by its competitor Google).

Nonetheless, the same livestream will be available on its traditional (walled off) platform, Alongside other traditional platforms such as the Apple Developer app, Apple TV app, and the Apple Developer website. For fans in China, they can catch the livestream on Youku, Bilibili, and iQIYI.

To enable the YouTube reminder for the WWDC20 event on June 22 for your local time, follow this link.

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