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How to Enter Data in Samsung Health app for Previous days

How to Enter Data in Samsung Health app for previous days


It seems difficult to keep track of your physical activities, especially when you are having hectic lifestyle with responsibilities to constantly stay on top of. Samsung Heath app provides you the core features to keep your body fit by logging your workout routines as you go about your busy day. It records and analyzes your daily activities and habits to

help maintain successful diet and lead healthy lifestyle. You can set activity goals and see when you hit your milestones. You can set your nutrition goals and see a breakdown in detail of what you consume to help you stick to your goals. This health app also lets you track with your good sleep schedule. However, users are facing difficulty in entering data into Samsung Health app for the previous days. Here, we mention the best possible solution proposed by the users, based on their experiences to enter data for the previous days.

Although you enter data into the Health app each and every day, users have suggested that you can enter data in to the Samsung Health app manually for the previous days. If you forget to enter data for the previous days, then do not worry there is a solution:

Either to enter data for exercise or food, go to the Track page and tap on ‘More’. Here you find an option of ‘Enter data manually’. When you tap on this, data picker is displayed. Change the current date to the date of which you have to enter the data. After changing the date, enter the data manually.

There is another method to enter data in to the Samsung Health app for the previous days. Go in through the activity, for instance cycling. Under trends, there is an option saying ‘Enter data’ on the top right. Here, you see the default is set to ‘Today’. Change it to the day you want to enter data of, through the calendar window it comes up with. You can’t edit the data that has been entered already, rather you can delete it (option under three dots on top right) and re-enter it.


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